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#SoCS – Fingers and Puppy Update


Fingers. How could we live without them? I’ve spent more time wagging mine at the puppy in the last couple of months since we got him than I think I have in the last ten years at my kids. Then there’s Alex. He’s Deaf, so there’s not much communicating going on if he doesn’t have his fingers for sign language.  Back when he was at the hospital half the time I had to ask them to put his IVs in his feet, so he could still communicate. They couldn’t leave his hands unwrapped (with bandages) or he picked them off. What’s kind of amusing is that I can swear as much as I want to (or feel I need to) in front of Alex without guilt, but I don’t dare give anyone the finger.

Fingers hold rings, but I still haven’t found mine. I probably lost it in the parking lot of the grocery store. Fat chance anyone would turn it in, but I’ve asked a couple of times anyway. There’s a Dollar Store there too. Maybe I should ask in there. One can always hope.

Funny thing about fingers – I’ve been touch-typing since I was a little girl. I learned on an old Underwood with keys you could get your fingers stuck between and letters that got stuck together if you typed too fast. But I’ve never been able to play the piano. It must be a different part of the brain.  …then again, you have no idea how many typos I make in the process of typing a single sentence. It’s silly… glad I can watch the screen as I type.

The puppy finally got his cone off his head today. It’s been twelve days since his surgery. He’s looking very handsome without it. Pictures to come. Later. For now, with the cone.


Winston - Feb. 4/16

Winston – Feb. 4/16

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26 thoughts on “#SoCS – Fingers and Puppy Update

  1. I’ve used Swype for so long now, I really have to concentrate when using a real keyboard, whereas on my phone I don’t need to look at all.


  2. Your pup looks so cute. Don’t wag your finger at him too much. 🙂


  3. Glad your pup is on the mend. He’s the cutest.


  4. The cone of shame…. Such a sad sight.


  5. Awee look at the puppy, so cute.

    We do a lot with our fingers, it’s one universal thing we take for granted.


  6. Do you fear your finger is lost without the ring? It may turn up one day. I’d like to have a finger in a lot of pies but I fear not.
    I can’t contribute much more than that his week. Enjoy your weekend .


  7. Dogs always look so sad wearing those cones. But it sure is amusing watching them trying to go through a doorway with the cone on.


  8. Hooray for chattering fingers, wagging fingers and tails, hooray for typewriters and pianos and goodbye to the cone of shame!! Xxxx


  9. I don’t know sign language and I can’t play piano, but I do use my fingers to type and read braille. I hope to use my hands and fingers to learn a new instrument, but a violin not piano. I could still use my voice, but if I didn’t have my fingers anymore I would really miss them.


  10. The cone of shame! Poor puppy …


  11. I learned to type on my father’s old manual typewriter (that I think was ancient enough to be his father’s), then I learned in college on an IBM selectic (still my fav.), gradually on to word processing typewriters, then computers. For some reason, when I got my new laptop last year, I can never get my fingers in the right position.
    Oh, and I can’t play the piano, either. But I lack any and all musical talent save for playing the kazoo.
    Loved your meditation on fingers. And, I thought you’d find the ring too in this time frame.


  12. I’m a search and plunk typist too. Cute photo of the puppy. We just bought a 1 pound Yorkie. He’s just Iike a human baby. Cries a lot!


  13. Thought for sure the ring would turn up. Good post


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