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#SoCS – Apparently a parent


What makes one a parent? Is it the simple act of creating another life? Or is it having days like the one I’m having today? It started with coming out of my bedroom to find the kid at the top of the stairs holding a dog biscuit up above his head and the dog about to jump up at him from the stair above (the kid was one step down from the top) and about to knock him down the entire flight backwards.

Said kid has been frustrated all day by one thing after another, and screaming his head off (as he is now) and testing my limits as he does it.

The second time he tried to kill himself today (I’m saying this is the second, because things come in threes and I want it to be over already) he decided he wasn’t going to eat today. At all. I had visions of him ending up in hospital hooked up to an IV because his heart can’t handle dehydration.

And then (you’ll really get a kick out of this one) he pulled the power cord out of his laptop (still plugged into the wall) and decided it might be yummy. He actually put it in his mouth before I noticed. !!!!!

If being stressed out means being a parent to a child who doesn’t realize how self-destructive he’s being, and actually staying with him while he practically kills me, then apparently I’m a parent.

I actually thought about recording him but I don’t want my audience to hate me. You’re welcome.

P.S. In case you’re not sure how to take this post, I’m still smiling. Smile with me. We’re all still alive.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

28 thoughts on “#SoCS – Apparently a parent

  1. Kids hey, love ’em to bits but sometimes they do drive you crazy!


  2. When we were kids, my sister was dangling a tape measure down the middle of the stairwell at home. My brother happened to be wandering past downstairs and casually yanked on the end of the tape as he did so. Cue my sister doing a quick somersault over the bannisters and landing on her head in the hallway below.
    She was fine, fortunately, but my mum went into meltdown, hahaha.


  3. Wow, what a day! Glad you all survived, mostly unscathed.


  4. Write a journal chronicling all the nervous breakdowns they try to give you then give it to them the day they become a parent, there are days I want to put my son in a velcro onesie and fix him to the carpet so he can’t move to get into any more trouble ๐Ÿ˜€


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  6. Hugs๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›


  7. Having followed you through April A-to-Z, I’d say you’re a pretty darn good parent.

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  8. Not Dead Yet! Oh Linda God takes special care of children. He must or I’d’ve been so dead so many times it would be hard to count. You know when I was 15 I was working weekends for a bakery, as a helper on the delivery trucks. One day I was paired with a new guy who drove and I knew the route and all the paperwork. It was a frigid Saturday in February and we were doing a rural route, following the road as it twisted and turned along the shore of a big lake. I was dressed with heavy winterwear,layered, and I sat on the wide dash with my back to the windshield as there was only the driver’s seat in each truck. We were chatting away,doing about 50mph, when we came to a right turn. As I watched, the driver turned the wheel but the truck didn’t turn. He started cranking as hard and fast as he could and still the truck headed right for the guard rail with just huge rocks and then lake beyond. At the last second as the bumper brushed the guard rail, the steering caught and the truck lurched hard right. the wheel was all the way over and the truck tried to pirouette in the road way, ending up rolling on its side, throwing me out through the windshield, and continuing to roll side over roof, over side over bottom,over side, over roof,and finally over side. I woke up in the ditch without a single scratch on me. I ran down the road and I found the driver pretty beat up with broken limbs in the inside corner of the truck, covered with metal racking. I ran to a nearby farm house and called for help. It turned out that the worm gear in the steering box had a flaw in the metal from the manufacturer and it had broken – no one to blame. The new driver never came back.

    That was just one of many brushes with death when I was young Linda – God is Gracious.

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  9. Kids. I looked out the window one morning to see my daughter who was six with a rope around her neck and on the swing. You guessed it, the rope was tied to a cross bar. If she had flown off the swing….ew I don’t even want to think about it. I think I wet my pants running to stop her.

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  10. Yep, definitely a parent! Well done.


  11. Oh the madness kids drive you to…!


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