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#SoCS – Dominated

How do you function when your mind is dominated by stress and anxiety?

How to cope when your mind is awhirl with worry?

Meh. It’s par for the course these days. Sometimes I feel like I’m being kept afloat by all that’s constantly to-do in my life. Does anyone have it easier than I do? I doubt it. Same shit, different set of circumstances.

We all have something that dominates us, I believe. Whether it comes in the form of another human being, a situation that we can’t get out of, piles of work or worry and stress …

But there can be momentary escape. For some it only comes with sleep, with alcohol, with a favorite pastime …

Problem is nothing stands still. Not even the earth.

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252. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, May 10th, 5:00pm
Michael (and Meredith)


Michael sits at the window, reading a book. Meredith takes the seat beside him.

Meredith: (clutching head with hands) Ugh!!

Michael ignores her.

Meredith: I can’t stand the pressure!

Michael: (looks up) Are you talking to me?

Meredith: Who else? Don’t you feel the pressure building up sometimes until you can’t stand it anymore?

Michael: No.

Meredith: Not at work? Not at home?

Michael: No.

Meredith: Don’t you ever have deadlines?

Michael: Only the ones I set for myself to read my book. (goes back to reading)

Meredith: (sarcastically) Well then. I’m sorry I disturbed you.

Michael ignores her.

Meredith: Aren’t you going to say ‘that’s okay,’ or anything?

Michael: (without looking up) No.

Meredith: You should.

Michael: (clutching head with hands) Ugh!!!

Meredith: Well! I never!

Meredith changes seats.


Next stop: Friday, May 11th, 6:00pm

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95. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, December 4th, 5:00pm
Drommen and Francine


Drommen: You know you can just quit your job.

Francine: And what, have you look after me?

Drommen: Of course. You know I’ll do anything for you.

Francine: I can’t let you do that. I’ll just stay put.

Drommen: Well, at least promise me you’ll look for something else. I can tell you’re getting stressed out.

Francine: (sighs) You’re right. I look around.

Drommen takes her hand and pats it.

Francine: I don’t know what I’d do without you.


Next stop: Tuesday, December 5th, 1:00pm

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The Reminder

I’ve discovered a talented young writer! I met Ainsworth through my fiction blog, and he’s just amazing. Won’t you please go visit him, read his work, give him some encouragement and a follow, too? Thank you!
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DISCLAIMER: Now, once again this is a work of ‘Fiction’. Now before you start reading I would like to give a Shout Out to Linda G. Hill! Thanks for providing me with a new perspective on how to make sense of these prompts! It is very much appreciated! 🙂

Once again, this post was inspired to me by ‘The Daily Post‘ October 17th Prompt – Urgent. Enjoy!


‘URGENT!’ The word echoed through my mind. You know, the worst part wasn’t the word itself. Oh no, I had become accustomed to living my life with a degree of urgency. But, the reminder that every morning there is another outstanding bill, that is long overdue never failed to but a damper on my mood.

I always knew that being an adult wasn’t going to be easy, that’s what they all told me…

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#SoCS – Apparently a parent

What makes one a parent? Is it the simple act of creating another life? Or is it having days like the one I’m having today? It started with coming out of my bedroom to find the kid at the top of the stairs holding a dog biscuit up above his head and the dog about to jump up at him from the stair above (the kid was one step down from the top) and about to knock him down the entire flight backwards.

Said kid has been frustrated all day by one thing after another, and screaming his head off (as he is now) and testing my limits as he does it.

The second time he tried to kill himself today (I’m saying this is the second, because things come in threes and I want it to be over already) he decided he wasn’t going to eat today. At all. I had visions of him ending up in hospital hooked up to an IV because his heart can’t handle dehydration.

And then (you’ll really get a kick out of this one) he pulled the power cord out of his laptop (still plugged into the wall) and decided it might be yummy. He actually put it in his mouth before I noticed. !!!!!

If being stressed out means being a parent to a child who doesn’t realize how self-destructive he’s being, and actually staying with him while he practically kills me, then apparently I’m a parent.

I actually thought about recording him but I don’t want my audience to hate me. You’re welcome.

P.S. In case you’re not sure how to take this post, I’m still smiling. Smile with me. We’re all still alive.

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#SoCS – Holidays and Responsibilities

I have to buy Easter eggs for next weekend to hide, for my youngest son to find. It’s going to be interesting this year with the puppy, making sure the right being finds the eggs. Apparently chocolate isn’t good for dogs anymore. I used to give it to my mother’s poodles all the time – no one told me not to. It didn’t seem to cause them any problems.

I must be a terrible mother. I hate deadlines to start with, but holiday deadlines are the worst. Easter, Christmas, birthdays… even getting ready for the day after Labour Day when the kids go back to school is a huge chore for me. I think it’s because I put so much pressure on myself to get it done. It’s more the stress of knowing I have to do it than actually having to do it. Shopping, that is. I really can’t stand shopping. But not as much as I hate deadlines.

I got egged once. You know how sometimes kids go around and egg cars at Hallowe’en? Well one Hallowe’en night when I was a teenager – it might have been either the last or the second-last year I went out trick or treating – I sat down on the curb to have a rest and a car came by and someone threw an egg out the window and hit me square in the middle of the forehead. Luckily I was close to home – I went and got changed and went back out again.

I have no idea where I was going with that story. But there it is.

This post doesn’t feel very much like Stream of Consciousness. I think I’m too stressed over the eggs. I wish there was a way to get out of my mind once in a while, you know?

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My Top Ten List of Annoying Things for This Week

It seems to me that, though life in general is made up of them, there are weeks when little annoyances build up rather substantially. Or perhaps I’m just less tolerant of them. During weeks like these, it’s important to keep a sense of humour lest I end up totally bonkers due to the stress of it all. Failing the ability to laugh at my woes in the privacy of my own closet (which is where the men in the white coats SHOULD NOT LOOK FOR ME!! IGNORE THE GIGGLES COMING FROM THE CLOSET!!!) this blog enables me to share my madness with all of you. Aren’t you lucky? Here we go.

My Top Ten List of Annoying Things for This Week

  1. Having a fantastic idea for a blog post that’s so freaking good that I didn’t need to write it down.
  2. Famous last words.
  3. Getting all ready to have a shower and then realizing I need to wash my clothes first.
  4. Snow days. All one of them.
  5. Firefox crashing every evening at about 7. What’s up with that?
  6. Having a to-do list that’s longer than there are hours in a day.
  7. Meat in the fridge that won’t wait just one more day before it expires. C’mon, meat! Have a bit of decency!
  8. Not being able to get more fridge magnet letters from Toys ‘r’ Us.
  9. on the bright side, the accent is correct

  10. Chocolate. More specifically, orange Kit Kat. Why does it have to be so mouth-wateringly delicious?!
  11. Not being able to come up with ten annoying things, damnit!

So, how has your week been so far?