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#SoCS – Jagged


It’s strange, the edge upon which we exist here on earth. Half-way between life and death, birth and life. Full of ups and downs, we tip this way and that. Joy and sorrow, anxiousness and contentment. If we’re lucky enough to find a balance, we can make it through without much fuss.

I’ve been teetering today. Thrown off balance by the news of a friend’s passing. We, many of us, knew him well. He saw the joy in life through most of what he went through. He was always there with his own brand of encouragement and support. His friend contacted me through my comments on Facebook, to say that he talked about this world here in blogland often. That blogging had become his life.

Our friend’s name is Paul Curran. I like to think of him looking down on us, knowing we’re thinking of him, as he knows we have before. And that, to coin his favourite interjection, he’s pointing down and saying “Ha! I actually made an impression.”

You certainly did, Paul. And a good one at that.


Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

19 thoughts on “#SoCS – Jagged

  1. I’m sorry for your loss and that of Paul’s family and friends.
    I, too, have just had news that a colleague and friend has suddenly become gravely ill; it came like a punch in the chest, leaving me stunned and at a loss for words. I hugged Rhonda all that much tighter last night, at the thought of how brutally those we love can be snatched away from us.


  2. So sad to hear this news, Linda. Your post as well as other bloggers thinking of Paul surely is making him smile. I remember reading a few posts he wrote and it felt like he was talking to the reader. We are a special community here at WordPress and your post proves that beautifully. x


  3. {Cyber Hugs} as you traverse the journey we, still here in-between, make –


  4. A sad loss Linda. Nice tribute. ❤


  5. This was such sad news. I only knew him through his guest posts and comments, but I liked him.


    • So did I. I only really knew him through his discourse here as well. I met him in person once, but we only spoke for a few minutes. It was long enough, though, for me to tell that who he was here, is who he was in real life. A true gentleman.

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  6. So sorry about this. May His Soul Rest In Peace.


  7. This was such sad news to read yesterday 😞


  8. I am sorry for your loss, and the loss to the blogging community.

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