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#SoCS – Doesn’t Matter


Have you ever done something embarrassing and hope nobody caught on? Of course, it happens to everyone, right? Even when I do something like that and I think nobody saw (things like writing a comment and then erasing it, or a post and then editing it, or even tripping over nothing on the street or walking into a post) I’m still embarrassed. I wonder if that’s because I’ll never be sure whether or not I got caught. So is that moot, or not? Is it moot point because no one saw it? Or is it not moot because I remain in a state of embarrassment for the sake of that ‘maybe’ or just because I’m ashamed of myself.

There is one instance I can’t get over. It involves singing too loud, and I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I beat myself up over it every time I think about it. One thing it has taught me is to be more aware of my surroundings next time.Β  It seems to me there’s nothing more able to teach a lesson than embarrassment. It’s not something easily forgotten.

I’m not alone here, right? Oh, how embarrassing if I am.


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21 thoughts on “#SoCS – Doesn’t Matter

  1. Oh my goodness, I think we all have embarrassing moments we can’t quite forget. I’m working hard to stop beating myself up over them, but there are one or two doozies that really stick. We’re all human!! πŸ™‚


  2. I sing so badly, my daughter made sure I didn’t join in with the singing at her wedding. πŸ˜• But it sounds good to me! Nice post Linda.


  3. I was told early on to only mouth the words to any song — so I just catch myself talking to myself (usually telling a story) and when it’s really bad — gesturing, too. (congrats on another pub. in 2016!)


  4. (When you have laryngitis, but you try to sing O Holy Night.) nuff said.


  5. I’m with you. I also feel guilty for things I had no part in. Like, if you lost money in Canada, I’d be down here in New York thinking I should have done something to stop that from happening. Odd, because when I lose money myself, I don’t stare north like it’s your fault!

    The human mind is indeed a strange beastie!

    And if you’re singing too loudly, let me know: I’ll join in! I’m especially good at Hamilton tunes these days. =D


  6. I actually love singing too loud. I especially enjoy singing loudly in my car, alone…and when I come to a stop, I keep singing even if there’s a car next to me, watching me. I just make eye contact and sing right to them:)

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    • I was singing a difficult Jewel song last summer, and stopped at an intersection. A bicyclist pulled up beside, and I was in fine form – so I kept right on singing. When the song ended before the light, she told me, “You did a great job!”

      Made my week! =D


  7. More often than I care to admit I find myself at the gym and noticing my shirt (once even my pants) inside out. Sometimes I slip to the restroom to change, others I just laugh and carry on!


  8. We all step in it. Takes courage to admit it.


  9. I have mild (and sometimes moderate) Tourette Syndrome. Every day brings with it a new way to experience embarrassment. Once I went to a job interview and was told I wouldn’t be hired because I kept grimacing at the interviewer.

    Having a sense of humor is important, and being thankful for little things (like the extra room I’m able to enjoy because no one wants to sit next to me on a bus or Southwest flights). I can walk, talk (sort of), write, and give people hell when I have to. It works out. πŸ™‚


  10. But those embarrassing moments are always the most memorable. We even write about them ! ☺


  11. I think you’re not alone in this particular boat Linda!!!


  12. I’m trying to learn to laugh at myself instead of being embarrassed. But I still get embarrassed, so I try to laugh at that.


  13. I go over and over things that I have said or done that I think are embarrassing, and cringe every time! πŸ™‚


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