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Just Jot It Jan 9 – Power


The power of words is incredible, isn’t it? I was on the phone this afternoon with my pharmacist, ordering a refill of my son’s heart medication. Most of the people at the pharmacy are pleasant, but this one pharmacist always sounds as though I dragged him out of bed with my phone call. This is how it went:

Him: (in Eeyore’s voice) Hello. How can I help you.

Me: I need a refill of a prescription.

Him: What’s the name?

Me: Alex (his last name).

Him: Is it the mixture?

Me: Yes, that’s right.

Him: I can’t have it ready for you before tomorrow night.

Me: Oh. I need it in the afternoon.

Him: We’re busy.

Me: Can you deliver it?

Him: I guess. If it’s ready before the 4:00 delivery goes out.

Me: Okay then.

Him: Okay, bye.

Ah, the power of words. And of attitude. I wanted to say, How the hell can you be so busy when your service is lousy and you sound so miserable all the time? Cheer the fuck up! But I didn’t. What I also didn’t say was that I needed a bunch of other stuff at the pharmacy tomorrow and I was going to get it all at once. But because of his bad service and his I’m-too-tired-for-this/busy-for-your-business attitude, I’ll go somewhere else to spend my money.


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Author: Linda G. Hill

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30 thoughts on “Just Jot It Jan 9 – Power

  1. Poor service is common in India, especially when the guys know they have a monopoly. The bus guys, the restaurant guys, the shopkeeeper… They all act like they are doing you a favor – we are virtually taken to ransom by the power they hold. Customer is king… When the supplier lets them.

    Wow… I was pissed, wasn’t I??


  2. Ugh. That’s awful. Saying that, I’d probably sound the same on the phone, but there’s a reason I don’t work with people. 😉
    We walk into our pharmacy, and they know right away who it’s for. The joys of living in a small town(sometimes it *actually* is a joy).


  3. Yeah, why is it that pharmacists always sound like they are doing you a massive favour?
    It’s like they’re bestowing health upon you and you should bow to their expertise in having saved you from certain doom. They’re all frustrated doctors, I’m sure.


  4. Oh the tone of a voice can really have a big effect on how it makes others feel!


  5. I wonder if he had said the same words with a friendly, apologetic tone if it would have helped at all. Some people seem to have no idea how Eey0rish they sound. I’d be looking for a customer feedback line to let them know he needs training in customer communications. Either that or some pixie dust.


  6. As soon as you wrote “Eyeore voice,” the whole post changed. I could hear it. 🙂


  7. Whatever happened to customer service? Ha.


  8. Great post. A lot of businesses (employees) seem to forget that there so many competitors out there and that you have to win/earn every customer every day.


  9. I really hope he has another bad day tomorrow or a firy spread pixie dust on him and he finds himself ridiculously cheerful tomorrow!

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  10. It drives me crazy when people who make a living by selling stuff don’t seem to want to let you buy that same stuff.


  11. Ugh. There’s one in every group, am I right?
    Today, Mentor called to schedule a training seminar that SHE WAS ASKED TO ATTEND, and when she called, the man WHO SOLICITED HER ATTENDANCE said, “Uhhhh…I’m really busy right now, can I maybe call you back?” We were like, Then don’t answer your phone, duh! Bleh.


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