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#SoCS, Just Jot It Jan 7 – Coat

I’ve been craving cheese lately. I just want to spread a lovely coat of cheese over everything I eat. And I have no idea why. Maybe I’m lacking calcium, or vitamin D, since I haven’t had much chance to get out of the house lately. I miss my paper route for that reason and that reason only. It was a pain in the neck when I had to do it in the snow and I didn’t have a babysitter, but it did force me to get out of the house and walk around the block every day. And hey, who wouldn’t want to get paid for walking around the block every day?

Instead, I’ve swapped that occupation for one of trying to get my work published. I was truly amazed at how much work it takes to advertise a book. I haven’t been doing all that well, apparently, since I’ve only sold 3 in the last month. I have had some great reviews though, which I should make a habit of posting here to remind people I have a book for sale and to keep the reminders somewhat fresh. Anyway, as you can probably guess I was making more money on my paper route than I am as an author. So far.

I’m coming up to the point where I’ll soon need advance-reader copy (ARC) reviews. I’d like to have a few posted when my next book comes out, so people can see what they’re getting on launch day. OH, and I had a bit of a bite from a local radio station. The story of The Great Dagmaru takes place in the real city of Kingston, Ontario. I mentioned this on Facebook to the rock station I actually mention in the book, and they told me to let them know when the novel comes out. Maybe I’ll get a plug from them. 🙂

I have no idea what this all has to do with coats, other than cheese … I promise my novels aren’t cheesy. That’s the one thing I don’t put cheese on. Or in. Hey, is that lasagna?


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