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Raw – #AtoZChallenge


Real men eat it on the hoof.

The above quote is from a late friend of my father’s. He said it every time he cooked a steak, and though I thought he meant a cow, he always ate his beef medium rare… Ah, the 1970s. I was so young and innocent.

I had a friend of my own, of German heritage, who enjoyed eating raw hamburger meat with spices mixed into it. When I was in Japan, I was given a raw egg to mix with some kind of powder, to pour on my rice for breakfast. I left the egg in its shell. Why? Because here in North America we’re told to cook our food, and if, God forbid, we come in contact with it when it’s raw, DISINFECT! That stuff’s poison! Except there are so many people who survive other cultures.

A few months back, someone died because they ate raw salmon here in Ontario. Yet I love–I luuuuurve salmon sushi. So what’s the diff? Seriously, maybe someone out there can tell me. My best guesses are that they serve fresher meat (and eggs) in other countries, or that they’re more careful to keep their products at a safe temperature.

I’ve eaten raw bacon and survived. I’ve licked the cake-batter bowl clean. And don’t even get me started on cookie dough. Ugh! Nomnomnom.

What do you eat raw?

You know what you don’t need to cook before you consume it? My A to Z Challenge-inspired novelette, “All Good Stories”! It’s a romantic comedy about two best friends who belong together – Xavier knows it, but Jupiter has her eye on another guy: a shady character named Bob.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

24 thoughts on “Raw – #AtoZChallenge

  1. I agree with the raw potatoes. I wash and peel them and salt them. If we have no apples for that wonderful crunch, I will grab the nearest potato!


  2. I used to love licking the spoon when my mum made a cake and scraping the bowl!
    As for meat, I have to have it very well done. I did once have raw kofte kebab without realising, but funnily enoughwas sick all night!


  3. I like beef pretty rare, although I won’t order a burger anything less than well done unless I know the restaurant grinds its own. I could write a whole post about food preservation and safety, but petty people would be controversial. Yes, other places have much fresher, therefore safer, perishable foods.


  4. Raw bacon?🤔


  5. Great post!! And now I know how to write “Nomnomnom.” in English…I love cake batter, cookie dough, pie dough and when the heck did they start writing on packaged cake mixes to NOT eat the leftover batter…Hello! that is the bonus for waiting for it to rise in the oven…lick, slurp, wait…and repeat until baked.

    I learned very very young to eat lean ground steak raw with salt or spices. I love the taste until my mom had a health problem when I turned 6…Learned that she ate too much. So for a kid who loves it and watches GrandMaman still eating a tiny bit when cooking a meal…I would as well, wondering in my mind. “How many teaspoons equals to “too much”? I also love raw potatoes…still do. My aunt would say it was bad for me but why are raw potatoes bad and raw carrots,beans etc ok?

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  6. I love sponge mix ….. yum!


  7. Cake batter and cookie dough are food groups.

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  8. I love love love vanilla cake batter. Beats pudding any old day.

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  9. I like cookie dough and cake batter better raw than baked. And raw peanuts.


  10. I get your fear… I India everything is cooked to death lol! No medium or medium rare hrrr. Forget rare or, God forbid, blue!!!!
    No… I can’t even do sushi!!!


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