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What To Do, Part 2

It’s been two days and I’m already going stir crazy, not having something to post daily on my blog. It’s habit-forming, damnit!

But there’s something else bugging me: whether or not to publish the Second Seat series.

If I turn it into a book to sell on Amazon (I’m leaning towards 99 cents and making it exclusive to ‘Zon so Prime members can get it for free), I’ll have to change some of the characters’ names. I can’t make money off Edward, Bella, and Alice, even though they’re really nothing like the Twilight characters. I’ll be sued to Forks and back. Whether or not I can get away with the ads that are referenced (Grey Poupon, anyone?) and Sylvester (ssthufferin’ ssthuckotash!), not to mention songs that are mentioned in a few episodes is also up in the air. I think most of them are vague enough, but I’d still need to consult a lawyer or take them out.

But the real question is, would anyone read them in the form of a 365-chapter book? I’m too close to the whole thing to see it clearly. Most of the episodes are only around 100 words, so it won’t be novel-length.

I just don’t know.

So here’s a poll. Let me know what you think.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Ta!



#SoCS – ‘Round Here

‘Round here, this lateness thing seems to be getting more the norm than the exception.

I’ve been thinking all day though, about how to start this post. And every time I thought about writing “around” but with the apostrophe instead of the “a,” I thought about how much I actually enjoy writing in an old man’s voice.

I actually wondered if I secretly wish in the back of my mind, somewhere where my consciousness can’t see, that I could be an old man instead of an … old-ish woman.

I don’t feel old. Unless you count all the aches and pains that have become more the norm than the exception. There’s that phrase again.

I like normalcy. I used to wish I had excitement in my life. Now, not so much. I must be an old man at heart.

I do still want to travel. I love going places on my own … Though last time I went to Japan, I thought it might also be nice to take my eldest son next time. I know he’d leave me on my own to explore, and I know he’d be okay doing the same. So it would be kinda like going with someone, but without the responsibility of having to do half of what they do.

Do old men generally like their independence? Hmmm …

Well, I’m dropping off to sleep. Must be bed time.

But tomorrow, I should be around.

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