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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 1/18

Friday is here, and that means it’s time for your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. So hard to believe summer is over already! Where does the time go? Incredible. Here’s your prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “round.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you start and/or finish your post with it. Have fun!

After you’ve written your Saturday post tomorrow, please link it here to this week’s prompt page and check to make sure it’s here in the comments so others can find it and see your awesome Stream of Consciousness post. Anyone can join in!

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Here are the rules:

1. Your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed), and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.

2. Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One sentence – one thousand words. Fact, fiction, poetry – it doesn’t matter. Just let the words carry you along until you’re ready to stop.

3. I will post the prompt here on my blog every Friday, along with a reminder for you to join in. The prompt will be one random thing, but it will not be a subject. For instance, I will not say “Write about dogs”; the prompt will be more like, “Make your first sentence a question,” “Begin with the word ‘The,’” or will simply be a single word to get you started.

4. Ping back! It’s important, so that I and other people can come and read your post! For example, in your post you can write “This post is part of SoCS:” and then copy and paste the URL found in your address bar at the top of this post into yours.  Your link will show up in my comments for everyone to see. The most recent pingbacks will be found at the top. NOTE: Pingbacks only work from WordPress sites. If you’re self-hosted or are participating from another host, such as Blogger, please leave a link to your post in the comments below.

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6. Copy and paste the rules (if you’d like to) in your post. The more people who join in, the more new bloggers you’ll meet and the bigger your community will get!

7. As a suggestion, tag your post “SoCS” and/or “#SoCS” for more exposure and more views.

8. Have fun!


365. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Friday, August 31st, 8:00am
Milo (and Mortimer)


Milo sits at the window. Mortimer takes the seat beside him.

Mortimer: How’s the afterlife treating you?

Milo: You can see me?

Mortimer: I can. Because I’m dead like you. We only get to come out a few times a year–this is one of them.

Milo: What’s so special about today?

Mortimer: Bus is in to have the upholstery cleaned.

Milo: About time too. This seat is all sticky.

Mortimer: (laughs) That’ll be our friend Jake Drommen. He didn’t last long.

Milo: I’ve seen him. Do you think he’ll go straight?

Mortimer: Eventually. Sooner rather than later I think.

Milo: Got all kinds of people on this bus.

Mortimer: Oh yeah. Gals who work in dungeons, pick-up artists, cheaters, gossips, philosophers, cantankerous old people, cartoon characters … even a few vampires for good measure.

Milo: You forgot the cannibal.

Mortimer: Oh yes. I think that’s how The Darkness got the way he is–cannibalism.

Milo: Someone should tell Andrea.

Mortimer: She’ll figure it out for herself. The figuring will give her something to keep her busy while she gets over Edward.

Milo: True enough.

Mortimer: Not a bad place to spend an eternity. Keeps me entertained at least.

Milo: Is there any getting off this thing?

Mortimer: Not that I’ve found.

Milo: Have you ever tried pulling the cord to get the bus to stop?

Mortimer: Nope, haven’t tried that. But be my guest.

Milo: I think I’ll do that. (thinks about it for a moment) After I find out what happens next.


Bus out of service.

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364. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, August 30th, 6:00pm
Drommen (and Sheila)


Drommen sits at the window. Sheila takes the seat beside him.

Sheila: Hi.

Drommen: (smiles) Hi.

Sheila: You’re looking like you’re pretty pleased with yourself.

Drommen: I am. I’ve decided to give up a part of my life that was no good for me. Let it go. Now I’m much happier.

Sheila: Well, good for you!

Drommen: Thank you.

Sheila: It’s important for people to set limits for themselves.

Drommen: It is.

Sheila: And to follow their dreams.

Drommen: Indeed.

Sheila: Hey, can I ask you a question?

Drommen: Go right ahead.

Sheila: Do you mind if I masturbate?


Next stop: Friday, August 31st, 8:00am

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363. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, August 29th, 9:00pm
Bella (and Alice) (and Lily)


Bella sits at the window. Alice takes the seat beside her.

Alice: Hey.

Bella: Hey. So what did you find out?

Alice: Turns out they transferred Edward out of prison and into some sort of mental facility. He ran away from there while security had their backs turned.

Bella: I knew he didn’t turn to smoke! What a liar.

Alice: But there’s that thing with the house. I still can’t explain that.

Lily: (pops up from behind the seat, making Bella and Alice jump) I can.

Bella: (to Alice) You’d think we’d get used to that.

Alice: (to Lily) We don’t want your explanation.

Lily: Oh, but you should. You see, Edward was never really a vampire.

Bella: Well, duh!

Lily: But I am. And I can do all sorts of things.

Alice: Can you disappear?

Lily: I can. In fact I’m going to. I’m going to join Edward in Transylvania and give him what he’s always wanted.

Bella: A life?

Lily: Eternal life. And then I’m sure he’ll be back for you. (breathing into the back of Bella’s neck) I wouldn’t stop looking over your shoulder, Bella.

Lily disappears in a puff of air.

Alice: Wait! Where’d she go this time?

Bella: (squeezes past Alice and stands in the aisle facing the seat behind them) Mosquito! (slaps the seat and kills the mosquito on the seat) Sucker!

Alice: One down! (high-fives Bella)


Next stop: Thursday, August 30th, 6:00pm

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What to do?

It’s hard to believe there are only three more Second Seat on the Right episodes left. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself–or my blog–when it’s finished.

I suppose I’ll have to actually go outside once in a while to get some inspiration. Coz there ain’t much to inspire me in my living room. Oh sure, there’s the whole Internet thing, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a new perspective that you can’t find anywhere else.

I’ve considered bringing my entire fiction and poetry blog over here, one piece at a time. I have hundreds more posts. Six hundred more exactly, actually.

Anyway, enjoy the last three episodes. And thanks for reading.


One-Liner Wednesday – Settings

There’s something uniquely beautiful about having a place that inspires you enough to set an entire book in it.

The Hochelaga Inn, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Magician’s Curse ~ The Great Dagmaru, Book One

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As with Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS), if you see a pingback from someone else in my comment section, click and have a read. It’s bound to be short and sweet.

Unlike SoCS, this is not a prompt so there’s no need to stick to the same “theme.”

The rules that I’ve made for myself (but don’t always follow) for “One-Liner Wednesday” are:

1. Make it one sentence.

2. Try to make it either funny or inspirational.

3. Use our unique tag #1linerWeds.

4. Add our lovely badge to your post for extra exposure!

5. Have fun!

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362. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, August 28th, 5:00pm
Ms. Ethics (and Hilda)


Ms. Ethics sits at the window. Hilda takes the seat beside her.

Hilda: Long time no see.

Ms. Ethics: Well, hello. How is your seance business going?

Hilda: Wonderfully, thank you.

Ms. Ethics sniffs and turns to the window.

Hilda: How is your column working out for you?

Ms. Ethics: (turns back) Very well, thank you. My clientele is mostly happy with my work.

Hilda: That’s lovely. All of mine are happy.

Ms. Ethics: (blinks a few times) Well bully for you.

Hilda: Listen. I was hoping I’d run in to you again. I have a question for you. It’s a personal one. Nothing to do with a client.

Ms. Ethics: (smirking) Go ahead.

Hilda: Would it be improper to tell my ex that his house is haunted by a bad spirit after he’s bought it? He’s going to sign the papers today.

Ms. Ethics opens her mouth, closes it again, and turns to the window.


Next stop: Saturday, August 29th, 9:00pm

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361. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, August 27th, 5:00pm
Alfred and Hester


Hester: Now you’ve got your Viagra, what are you going to do when we get home?

Alfred: Obviously anything to get out of ironing my own shirts.


Next stop: Tuesday, August 28th, 5:00pm

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360. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, August 26th, 1:00pm
Valhallah (and Simon)


Valhallah sits at the window. Simon takes the seat beside her.

Valhallah: I’m looking particularly beautiful today, don’t you think?

Simon: Absolutely edible.

Valhallah: Oooh, I like you.

Simon: I could take you places.

Valhallah: Yeah? Like where?

Simon: I can seriously see you in Greece.

Valhallah: Really? That would cost an arm and a leg!

Simon: (chuckles) Oh, at least.


Next stop: Monday, August 27th, 5:00pm

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#SoCS – Noticed?

You might have noticed that I am, once again, late for my own party. Two weeks (has it been two, or three?) in a row I’ve posted a Stream of Consciousness Sunday.  Today’s excuse is all about editing. There’s a new anthology coming out in October that I’ll also (as well as copyediting it) have a story in. Paranormal romance … so exciting!

(By the way, anyone studying this post for grammar mistakes–the rules include NO EDITING for SoCS posts. Don’t judge me by this post.)

This is the raw me. The unedited me. Have you noticed how … conversational Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts seem? That’s what I love about them. It’s that not-being-able-to-take-it-back-once-it’s-out-of-your-mouth thing. (Spellcheck really didn’t like that.) Where was I? Oh yeah.

Wine. Wine is good. I’m having a glass now after a full day of work. I can’t edit and drink, which is doing wonders for my weight sobriety. Not that I have a problem with staying sober. But wine is good, isn’t it?

Speaking of sobriety, I found a bag of potatoes today that was slowly but surely becoming vodka in my cupboard. Only it smelled more like fish. Not a good scent for potatoes, I thought, so they’re in the garbage now. *hic*

Speaking of gross things, my next sip of wine tasted like dish soap. I don’t know if it was the fact that the wine had had a chance to dilute whatever wasn’t washed out of the glass the last time it was washed, but I had to get rid of the rest of it.

So I opened a new bottle. *hic*

Where was I?

Oh yeah. There’s no way I’m going to get my colouring project done for the month of August. So I’m going to be late for that party too. I’ll still post the prompt, but with an unfinished page. I suck.

But wine is good.

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