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#SoCS – Ghost

The closest book to me when I sat down to write this was my own. Since I’m not ready to start quoting myself in any shape or form, I decided to go with the next-closest book–my trusty old thesaurus. Yes, I know Stephen King says don’t use one when you’re writing, but in my defense, I only use it when I have a word on the tip of my tongue that I know what it means but I can’t quite spit it out onto the screen.

Which is a good thing, because my screen would be DISGUSTING! So my thesaurus is there to save my laptop, plain and simple.

You’re welcome for the visual.

Bite me, Stephen King.

No, don’t.

ANYwhoo, where was I?

Oh yeah. The word I pointed to.


That’s actually the main word, but the actual word I pointed to under the word “ghost” was either “phantasm” or “semblance.” I’m not sure which one it was: I either have fat fingers or the print is small. Let’s go with that last one.

On the surface, these two words seem to have nothing to do with one another. I’ve always loved the word “phantasm.” It sounds to me like an extra-exciting way to say “ghost.” Maybe it’s the “ph” sound … that, for me, has always made for an interesting way to spell things.

Fun fact: when I was a teenager, I wanted to call my firstborn child “Phred.”

Anyway, the word “phantasm” should be in the news more at the moment, what with that woman who claims to be engaged to a ghost …

Yeah …

So! “Semblance.” Anyone? Let’s look it up in Merriam-Webster.



sem·​blance | \ˈsem-blən(t)s  \

Definition of semblance 

1aoutward and often specious appearance or show FORM

//wrapped in a semblance of composure— Harry Hervey


//has been struggling to get some semblance of justice for his people— Bayard Rustin

3aa phantasmal form APPARITION


4actual or apparent resemblance

//her story bears some semblance to the truth

Who knew? I certainly didn’t before this morning. I love the word “apparition,” too.

Here’s a song by Canadian, Matthew Good.

Okay, wanna hear something really weird?

Of course you do.

I took the time to listen to the song (because I love it) and while the screen was black I could see the reflection of the screen in my glasses with the black rectangle in the reflection, making it seem like I was

stuck in my own machine!!


Watch the video … it’ll make sense.

And that’s my phantasm for the day.

Thank you. I’m here all week. Try the veal.

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