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#SoCS – Crunchy roll

You might be wondering to yourself, what is it with that woman? She posts prompts and half the time, she can’t even make it on time to her own party. (That woman would, of course, be me.) Not that I think you think of me much. I probably think of me, much more than you think of me, in fact.  My commas are all over the place tonight. Oops.

But I think what’s really wrong with me, other than my recent comma disability (it’s late, that’s my excuse), is that I have too many roles. Let’s see …

I’m a mother.

And a father, kinda, because it’s a one-parent household.

I’m an author.

I’m an editor.

I’m a housekeeper.

I’m a picker.

And a grinner.

I’m a lover.

And I’m a sinner.

… wait. Those last four might have been an earworm.

What it comes down to is I’ve got too much to do on the weekends. Silly of me, I suppose, to think I could keep this blogging stuff up indefinitely, what with everything else. The more I take on, the more I fail, it seems. (Ignore the commas.)

So, I try to roll with it all. But it’s a crunchy kind of roll, with far too many bumps along the way to make it even seem like a smooth roll.

It’s more of a rutted roll. Slimy in spots …

Okay, now I want sushi. I tried to get away from it, but the craving is there.

A nice crunchy roll would go down so nice as a midnight snack.

Oh, and I’ve also got a head cold.

I’m blaming this post on that.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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