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Paris – #JusJoJan Jot #15


My trip to Paris was, for the most part, a waste.

I was fourteen years old and bored with everything, not least of all, traveling with my mother. I do have pictures somewhere … I don’t think I’m in any of them because what bored teeny-bopper wants to have their picture taken with their mom? What I do remember about the trip:

My very first croissant. And boy, was I in love.

My first bidet. No, I didn’t try it, because ewww!! (I was fourteen.)


Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower through the window of a tour bus.

Dog poop.



Crazy drivers.

Being driven to our hotel with a woman cab driver who had her German Shepard in the front seat with her.

Being the only one who knew how to speak French out of myself, my mom, and her friend who we were traveling with.

Did I mention stairs?

Were I to go now, as an adult, I’m positive I’d colossally appreciate it.

As for the stairs? I’ve been to Japan. It can’t be worse for stairs than that. Can it?

The prompt word, “Paris,” for today’s post is brought to you by Kelli! Thanks, Kelli! To find her “Paris” post, click here. And say hi while you’re there!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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15 thoughts on “Paris – #JusJoJan Jot #15

  1. Oh, the dog poop, the dog poop! I didn’t see Sacre Coeur because STAIRS. I went to Paris as an adult in a tour group. My favorite part was when I stayed in Monmartre while everybody else climbed those STAIRS. Lunch at a cafe with wine, people watching, a little shopping. A movie poster for the American movie HOOK which was called, in French, “Le Capitain Crochet.”


  2. Went to Paris when I was about 13yrs.. yes lots of steps and stairs…. What about the toilets..yuk! How can such a supposedly cultural, chiche place have such crap public toilets? Yes I do love to visit France and Paris but a lot of the toilets are still horrible holes in the floor ? Why ?this is 2019! 💜💜💜


  3. I went to Germany as a teenager. I appreciated it, but I was a strange teen. I do feel, looking back, that I didn’t appreciate it enough and missed out on more of the history of the country.


  4. So much is wasted on the young 😛
    That’s a good share.


  5. haha the stairs! I think, looking at your Japan post, that the stairs in Lyon might rival them… We are lucjy because the apt we like to rent in Paris has a lift!


  6. Croissants are the bomb and then… there are stairs…Fun read. Thanks.

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  7. A fun post! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to go to France! 💙

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  8. Yes, croissants, but I don’t have to go all the way to Paris to get those. LOL


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