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#SoCS – Abashed

I’m abashed to realize that I am, again, late to my own bash.

Meaning my prompt.

‘Coz I ain’t gonna make it before midnight.

But I needed a break. Alex has finally gone to his dad’s for the weekend, for the second time this year, and I’ve spent most of the day either working or catching up on the things I needed to get done.

Did I get a break? I got a break from the pressure I usually have hanging over me … but to really take a break,

you’d have to bash me over the head and drag me away.

What I need is an honest to goodness vacation.

Somewhere I have no access to social media,

somewhere that the sky is blue, the beach is warm, the sea spread out before me with waves glittering under the sunlight,

somewhere I can close my eyes.

And drift away, without a care in the world.

Hell, I’d even take a dingy hotel room in the middle of a strange city at this rate.

Tokyo is strange.

Why did the angry chicken cross the road? To get away from KFC …?

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