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Miraculous Marzipan Maven

I am no marzipan maven. In fact, I used to take the marzipan off of my Battenberg cake before I ate it. My mum used to buy them every week when I was young. Back when we had a Marks & Spencer in the mall. I haven’t seen one–an M&S in Canada, nor a Battenberg cake–in decades.

Not that that’s at all miraculous when you think about all the stores that are going out of business. We still have our Toys ‘R’ Us here, but Payless is pretty much gone if not completely.

Does M&S still exist in England?

I dread the day when all we have left is Amazon.

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Echo-cho-ho #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #21

Before I get into my post, I want to start by saying that it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling positive! Alex is getting better, though he’s still not back to school. It was cold enough that the buses aren’t running today, so it’s likely too cold for a kid who’s getting over pneumonia to breathe out there. Tomorrow, though! Fer sher.

I remember the first time I heard my voice echo. I don’t remember where I was, but I do remember the frustration of not being able to hear the beginning of the word I uttered because it was always muffled by the end of the last echo. I recall trying to hear it by using shorter and shorter words, but even “Hi” came out “Hi-i-i.”

But the word “echo” got me thinking about other things. Because there’s really nothing truly unique in the world, everything is an echo of what came before it. Never exactly the same, just like a real echo. History repeats itself, stories are retold in different ways, yet nothing is original.

Makes you wonder how it all started, doesn’t it? I blame the chicken. Or was it the egg?

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#SoCS – Shortcut of my Youth

In what was the little town of Newmarket, Ontario, where I grew up (it’s a city now, so don’t go there looking for something quaint) there is a small lake, called Fairy Lake. It really was never much more than a place where the river got wider, I realize now, but something tells me it used to be much more.

Every day, I walked to school from my house on Lundy’s Lane, up Red Deer Street to Patterson Street where both my primary and secondary schools were approximately situated. I walked that way except when I took the shortcut. You see, there is (or probably was, now) a large storm sewer under Red Deer with a teeny tiny creek running through it. I used to catch crayfish there and keep them in a bucket on the front steps of my house until they died. (I was a horrible child, looking back.) But back to the shortcut.

I can only think that storm sewer existed for when Fairy Lake flooded, because it was the only body of water around. Farther down from the storm sewer was a swamp (now has baseball fields on it) and a lock for boats that dried up long before I became a teenager. I digress yet again.

One day, I think I may have been in Grade 2, I was late for school so I took the shortcut. Something I never did at the time. I was a responsible 8 year old, after all. But this day I decided to dawdle. They had the police looking for me by the time I arrived at school with not a clue what the big deal was. Because of course, when they went to look for me on Lundy’s Lane, Red Deer, and Patterson Street, I was no where to be found.

I understand now the terror that I must have caused by stopping to pick weeds along the path behind the houses. And I suppose I must have kept my shortcut hidden from the adults, because they didn’t go there to look for me.

I’ve never told anyone this story before. There are no adults left who would remember it, nor any children of that time who I associate now with who would.

Thanks for the memories, stream of consciousness. And thank you to you, who have read my story. 🙂

Google map satellite picture of my walk to school. The creek is still there.

The locks, part of what is now the Global Pet Foods Dog Park.

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