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#SoCS – Foresight


I can’t really call it foresight, because I didn’t plan to have this happen again. But I did record everything I did to try to help myself last time I had vision problems, so YAY, I can check out my own blog to see if anything in particular worked.

Because it is happening again now. I don’t know if it’s stress, or blood sugar, or what it is, but my vision keeps going extremely blurry. I’m thinking it could have something to do with eating, because I just had a couple of forkfuls of pasta salad and I can see quite well–better than before I ate.

So I probably need to have a blood test. If I’m pre-diabetic, it’d be good to know.

I’ve had four days of this, and it majorly sucks.

In other news, after I decided on the prompt yesterday I was thinking about what I could write that I could use “fore” in. As I gazed out my front window, I looked at all the weeds on my lawn and thought, “My fore lawn looks forlorn.”

So that’s it! From now on, until I fix my front yard it will be referred to as my fore lawn. And the back yard? My hind lawn. Because it, too, is hinding in the weeds.

I’m here ’til Thursday. Try the veal.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

25 thoughts on “#SoCS – Foresight

  1. Feel better Linda! I hope the vision problems have gone away now! Hugs!


  2. Low blood sugar from not eating can do all kinds of crazy things. As for my yard, it has no lawn, just the natural look.


  3. Hey! My hind garden is also pretty hinding in the weeds, too!
    I sure hope you get the eye situation under control — I know you’ve had a lot of problems over the years.


  4. We’ll all hold you to going to the doctor. Answers are better than not knowing, plus blurry vision sounds horrible. I hope you find some relief.


    • Thanks, Laura. It’s better today for some reason. Thing is, I’ve been through this before and they couldn’t find anything. Can’t hurt to check again though. It’s been a while.
      First thing Tuesday morning I’ll call the doctor’s office.


  5. Do get that blood work done, and a look into the back of your eyes (and pressure in the eyes) can’t hurt, either. Have you been assessed for migraines? Some have migraines without headaches, or auras that can last for a few days before a headache (and include visual disturbances) or even without a headache at all. I’d certainly recommend having it assessed! Hope you feel better!!!


  6. Do go get that blood work done. And I love the renaming of your yards.


  7. Let us know what the check-up tells you. Meanwhile, thanks for the laughs! Don’t forget to tip your waiter.


  8. It could also be your eye sight, Linda. This happens to me when I do a lot of computer work but it comes right when I focus on distant things [after a while].


  9. Oh, you! Go, get checked! Your fore lawn can wait!


  10. Low blood sugar can have these symptoms. But a doctor visit is strongly recommended.


  11. Get those eyes and your blood checked Linda 💜💜


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