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#SoCS – Things that are nuts


My list of things that are nuts:

1. Me for deciding to put my clocks back before midnight and declaring this post on time. (It’s still Saturday, damn it!)

2. Buying “mixed nuts” which, nine times out of ten, are 90% peanuts. Peanuts aren’t nuts, damn it!

3. My mother’s smoking habit. Or rather, the decision that was recently made by the management of her retirement home to charge old ladies with dementia $100 a pop for smoking too close to the building. That’s $30,000 per month if she forgets ten times a day!!!!

4. Nuts. Nuts are nuts. (Does not contain peanuts.)

5. NaNoWriMo. Which I am participating in this month. Or at least I used to think it was nuts to do it. But now that I’ve figured out how to write 1,667 words per day easily (sprints, particularly whilst depriving myself of my morning coffee until I’ve written 900 words), it doesn’t seem as nuts as it used to.

6. #5 is nuts. I shouldn’t have added it to the list.

7. Living somewhere where it gets cold in the winter. Then again, at least we’re not on fire. (Thinking of California, where things are really nuts. Take care of yourselves, Californians!)

8. Christmas carols and ads on the first of November. Calm down, damn it! We’re not going to forget it’s coming!

9. Wracking my brain in the attempt to come up with more things that are nuts when I really should be writing. Or sleeping!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

17 thoughts on “#SoCS – Things that are nuts

  1. What Sadje said. I’ve thought about NaNo for years but haven’t had the courage for it yet. #3 isn’t only nuts, it’s stupid. If they have to limit the location, they need big signs and a patient person with a good sense of humor ushering smokers to the smoking area. No fines. Sheesh. I remember how hard it was to quit. The smokers need compassionate support and encouragement to help them quit and lots of rewards when they make progress. If you give me their address I’ll write them a letter. Yeah, I have a thing about this.


  2. Love your list, but I agree, #3 is INSANE. Maybe you could encourage her to start vaping instead of smoking, she could get away with doing that in her room. The JUUL is very tiny and discreet, she would get her nicotine fix without all the other harmful ingredients that cigarettes have.


  3. Christmas carols in November is definitely nuts! I hope you slept! ❤

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  4. You had me at “it’s still Saturday damn it!”

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  5. Great list but the smoking fine – that sucks.


  6. All great except for the no smoking fine for your mum’s care home…. That’s mean they are taking the Micheal ! 🌈💞💜

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  7. #3 is INSANE! More insane than the number of peanuts in mixed nuts! 😛
    Stay warm, write lots x

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  8. #1 doesn’t count when you’re the boss. Enjoy that power!!


  9. This was fun! And … I might have to think of the NaNoWriMo thing for next year! I’m curious now!

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  10. just watch our political proceedings, filled with lots of mixed nuts

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  11. I couldn’t possibly say what my favourite nuts are. This a nice blog and I want to come back. Love the list!


  12. Black Friday sales, Christmas decorations and the moaning and groaning of retailers about fewer days between US Thanksgiving and Christmas (expanding on #8) is nuts. Good luck with NaNo.


  13. Haha, Linda, these are all nutty. Good luck with your November writing.

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  14. I really enjoyed reading your list.
    But we will have to agree to disagree over peanuts. They’re my favourite kind of nuts. 😎

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  15. I suspect I could go on for days, writing about things that are nuts…so I commend your concise list! 🙂

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  16. Just you don’t go nuts, Linda 🙂

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  17. I feel anyone doing the NaNo are very brave and committed.

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