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#SoCS – The Year 2019


It’s been a long year. Normally I’m wondering where the time has gone, but this year–2019–has been extra eventful, it seems. Thank goodness the hospitalizations of my mother and Alex, my youngest son, ended by the spring. My mum has fallen a few times this year, but (touch wood) she hasn’t broken her neck again. The smoking is usually the culprit. She always loses her balance outside.

On a personal note, the year has been productive. I’ve either written or finished two novels and three novellas over the past twelve months, on top of my job as an editor. It’s nice to have that sense of accomplishment.

Today I accomplished tripping up a curb while out walking with Alex. I managed to get my hands out of my pockets before I faceplanted on the pavement, thank goodness. But I have a goose egg on my knee, a nice bruise on one elbow, and my knuckles look like I’ve been in a fistfight.

And I don’t even smoke.

For those wondering if I’m doing Just Jot It January 2020, the answer is yes. I’ll post about it soon, I hope. The busy-ness of 2019 continues, and not having had a break from Alex since the beginning of July (aside from my weekend in Kingston when I was as sick as a dog) and no idea when I will again, I tend to be tired most of the time.

But I’m getting there. One step at a time.

Trying not to trip and fall.

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “#SoCS – The Year 2019

  1. happy 2020 to you Linda! Congrats on the novels and novellas! That’s some feat! I hope you can manage to get a break this coming year, sorry about your knee and arm! xoxo


  2. “And I don’t even smoke” !!! LOLZ
    I sure hope you have a fabulous new year, and heal up quickly x


  3. Maybe we need to invest in bubble wrap for you, your mom, and Alex. Please take care of yourself.


  4. Ouch! Glad to hear you will be doing JustJotJan again. Hope 2020 is a little less hectic.


  5. I was going to ask if you planned on doing JJJ this year. I look forward to hearing about it!


  6. Let’s be careful out there. Sorry about the illnesses and the falls — I am amazed at all your writing, in spite of it! Go, you!


  7. Wow to ending a year with a BANG!
    And … what a productive year you’ve had indeed! May 2020 be all you need it to be, all you hope it to be, and then some (and no more falls … we are way too old for that once we get over 29 … ;)) .


  8. Hope you are feeling better. Falls are so frightening. I managed to fall “up” the stairs a while back – a feat not everyone can accomplish. Thank you for all the richness you bring to the blogging community. I appreciate how much you invest in all of us!


  9. Congratulations on all you managed to accomplish. It’s quite a list, especially considering the challenges you had to overcome.

    Sorry to hear that you fell. I’m glad it wasn’t worse but I hope the bumps and bruises heal quickly.

    Also glad to hear about Just Jot it January.


  10. I am sorry about you falling Linda. Congratulations on your writing achievements.


  11. Hope you have a great 2020.
    Thanks for running the OneLiner and SoCS challenges. I have really enjoyed doing them.
    What ecactly is Just Jot it Jan?
    I would love to know more about it.


  12. That sounds like a nasty fall – hope you’re soon fully recovered. Happy New Year.

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  13. Hi Linda, I hope you are not suffering from your fall. You have had a year of ups and downs. May 2020 be a better and more steady one much more on the up 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Hey Linda! I do hope you’ve a better and peaceful year 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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