Life in progress

#SoCS – Imperfect


Perfect is for fiction

Impossible to achieve

Is life stranger than fiction?

If it were, we could be perfect.

Oooh boy, am I drifting tonight. I’ve become a lightweight–half a glass of wine and I can’t think straight. I’m the perfect cheap drunk if nothing else.

Alex is finally feeling better and it’s supposed to rain all day on Monday, so as long as they don’t change that to freezing rain–which would be my luck–he’ll be going to school for the first time since Valentine’s Day. And I know that means I should finally get some work done, but I’ll likely procrastinate most of the day.

I do need a new phone. I have an ancient Huawei that has had no space on it since the day I got it about three years ago. I love the thing, but the apps are starting to act up. It’s time to move on. It’s always a bittersweet moment when I get a new phone. I miss the old one, and I hate the idea of having to get used to where everything is on a new one, but it’s exciting at the same time. Do you know what I mean? Is it like that for you, too?

I’ve been with the same carrier for oh … about 25 years? Is that possible? Maybe a bit less, but not much. I’ve thought about changing, but this company owes me for being loyal. Maybe not as much as my bank, who I’ve been with for 40 years, but close.

Sticking with a company isn’t really rare, I don’t think. Or maybe I’m just weird.

I’ve said that a lot lately–maybe I’m just weird. I’m starting to believe it’s true. Or maybe I’ve always believed it’s true.

I feel like Chinese food.

Maybe I’ll have cheese and crackers.


That’ll be perfect.

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P.S. I had a dream Saturday morning that I was in Japan with Dan Antion. Our mission was to try out a new speedboat that was the size of a Wii balance board. Both of us, at the same time. When I woke up, we were fighting over who would get to wear the only life jacket. Alex was there, too, but he was a cat. And wouldn’t you know it? I’d forgotten to study Japanese, so I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying … Because, after all, one does not expect to wake up in Japan when one goes to sleep in one’s own bed at night.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “#SoCS – Imperfect

  1. I’ve been with my phone company and bank a long time, too. I can even remember that my first cell phone was free, or some minimal cost. Now it’s hundreds of dollars with payments on my bill. You would think loyalty would get us something, but I’m not aware of anything.


  2. What’s the old saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense”?


  3. Linda you sound so tired, so stressed take it easy please. 💜💜💜


  4. We’ve been with the same company for 25 years too. I asked them once if we get something special for being customers so long and they said yes but I haven’t seen anything yet. Glad Alex is better. Crazy where dreams take us, although if I dream, I don’t really remember any of them.


  5. I am glad to know that Alex is doing better, Linda. I like the idea of a trip to Japan.


  6. A new phone is exiting! But the unfamiliarity is the road bump.


  7. Great post! You crack me up. 😀 I have an Android phone. I briefly left it for an iPhone, but I learned my lesson and Android took me back.


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  9. When you suddenly you feel like Chinese food I thought you meant that your words fill our minds but then we need to read more in 30 minutes.

    I f’ing think loyalty is rare. We’ve been with the same bank and oil company for almost 40 years. Same cell carrier for almost 30. It’s just that that used to matter to those companies today they fawn all over new customers.

    I hope the rain remains in liquid form.


  10. I gotta say I stay with companies for long times too. Ease of everything. But nowadays it’s all about changing for the best deal!
    I got a Huwaweii the last time too. Been 2 years and I love it! I’m due an upgrade now, but love this handset!
    Glad Alex is better. Sounds like you’ve had quite a time 🥰


    • Some of those deals out there are quite tempting. But you’re right–it’s easier to stay put.
      Will you try to get another Huawei? I’m going to do my best. And yeah, apart from a few grocery shopping trips, I’ve been with Alex 24/7 for more than 2 weeks. I need a break! Thanks, Ritu. ❤


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