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#SoCS – Collars up


After what I believe might have been the hottest summer since I’ve lived in this part of Ontario–on record? maybe not–it’s cooled down enough that I have to pull my collar up if I go out at night. It’s winter-coat time if you spend too much time out there.

Crazy weather.

But (touch wood) at least we’re not on fire. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow here. I’ll blow as much as I can southwestward.

On my mind of late has been the fact that things are open. More things than I’ve gone to in the past six months. Six months today, and I’ve only been to the grocery store for as many weeks as that is … 26 times? I’m tempted to go to the mall just to get my Christmas shopping done before everything is closed down again. I dread shopping online, but you know what I dread even more? Going out in public.

The virus has put a not-entirely-unwelcome collar around my neck and kept me chained to my home.

But my shoes have holes and I can’t buy shoes without trying them on because my size varies with brand. And no, I can’t just buy the same ones I already have because they came from Payless … Yeah, that’s how long it’s been since I bought shoes.

And Alex needs new clothes but he’s grown, so I really need to look at them to see if they’ll fit. Unless I can find actual measurements online.

Nope, I’m going to have to brave the retail, I’m afraid. Damn the torpedoes. Mask up and have off.

Yeah. I’m going shopping. Wish me luck.



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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “#SoCS – Collars up

  1. I hope the retail shopping goes well. Maybe you can go at a time when stores are not busy, if there is such a thing. Take care!


  2. I’m sure it will be challenging (just shopping with a boy is hard enough) but you’ll do fine. Good luck!

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  3. Good Luck ☘️🍀☘️🍀☘️🍀☘️🍀

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  4. Good luck, Linda. I need to brave retail this week, too. Not looking forward to it.

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  5. Wishing you much luck, Linda. I think earlier is better than later. Get in, get done, get out.

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  6. woohoo! Just think linda, you’ll have loads of new clothes, shoes, and maybe a treat for you too? New pens? New notebooks? xoxo

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  7. The weather is odd all around, Linda. I find it pretty scary. Good luck with your trip out. We’ve had to start going out and about and trusting in the safety measures of the mask and hand sanitiser.

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  8. Well, done. I did a lousy job with collar. Yes, we’ve had a few freezy nights, Pet water frozen and all. We appreciate the cool wet weather you are able to send. Our air is smoky even though the fires aren’t too close. Hope you can stay safe while retailing. I need to do a couple things out there, now, too. Ugh!

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  9. Be careful and safe as you venture out into the masses.

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