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#SoCS – Rings a bell

The trick to remembering stuff is journaling. At least in my experience. Often I’ll do something or something will happen and I think, that rings a bell. I’m glad I have my blog for most of that.

Speaking of my blog, I haven’t been around much. To be honest, for the last couple of weeks it has hurt too much to do any extra typing. So I’ve had to finally live up to a sad fact.

I’m human.

And sometimes I just have to take care of myself.

So I’ve missed the last two weeks of my own prompts. I did manage to get the words in from those two weeks into this post already. Did you notice?

Everything is just a little overwhelming at the moment. No one thing is pushing me over the edge, just a lot of little things are pushing me over the edge.

Imagine an army of tiny mice shoving me towards a cliff.

That’s me.

And tiny mice.

So the cortisone shot went well. My shoulder’s not perfect, and I still can’t sleep, but it’s better.

Maybe the mice are keeping me awake.

Yeah, I need sleep.

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