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#SoCS – Rings a bell


The trick to remembering stuff is journaling. At least in my experience. Often I’ll do something or something will happen and I think, that rings a bell. I’m glad I have my blog for most of that.

Speaking of my blog, I haven’t been around much. To be honest, for the last couple of weeks it has hurt too much to do any extra typing. So I’ve had to finally live up to a sad fact.

I’m human.

And sometimes I just have to take care of myself.

So I’ve missed the last two weeks of my own prompts. I did manage to get the words in from those two weeks into this post already. Did you notice?

Everything is just a little overwhelming at the moment. No one thing is pushing me over the edge, just a lot of little things are pushing me over the edge.

Imagine an army of tiny mice shoving me towards a cliff.

That’s me.

And tiny mice.

So the cortisone shot went well. My shoulder’s not perfect, and I still can’t sleep, but it’s better.

Maybe the mice are keeping me awake.

Yeah, I need sleep.

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

40 thoughts on “#SoCS – Rings a bell

  1. ~lassos Linda with a strong but fluffy rope and bracing my feet to keep her from going off the edge~ Tipper and Chickie say they’ll be happy to chase your mice away. HUGS


  2. Please take the best possible care of yourself. One thing at a time. Back off mice! I’m sending hugs and prayers for good sleep. Maybe this will help. It’s the Secret Garden sleepsong:


  3. Linda sending you love and support and wishing I could do more to help …stay well and I hope the shoulder continues to improve. Take as much time as you need to get well. We can all wait 💜


  4. I agree with Pam, 100% you are worth waiting for. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. Are they suggesting anything else like Physical Therapy?


  5. Have you tried sleeping while sitting up? that might relieve some of the pressure on the arm.


  6. Facing reality of difficult times – hard – can relate to an overabundance of little things becoming a heap to deal with on a daily basis. I hope there are better days ahead waiting for you to enjoy.


  7. You are worth waiting for.


  8. Lol! An army of mice! Now there’s a thought! Hope you can sleep soon Linda, I am in that club too, the not sleeping club, its horrible after a couple of nights, when your going around like a zomby! xoxo


  9. We’re all human, Linda. Glad you’re recognising.
    You take care 🤗🥰


  10. Sending you a big hug and love to get a grip on everything❤️ Barbara x


  11. Aww, so sorry Linda. Hope life treats you better. Love and hugs


  12. Cortisone shots are very painful. Shoulder pain is also hard. I get acupuncture on my shoulder every two weeks and it keeps me sane. Good luck with your recovery. Sending gentle virtual hugs.


  13. Sorry about your shoulder. I had shoulder replacement surgery at the end of May after more years than you want to know about of pain. I hope you’re able to get some physio after your cortisone shot. Best wishes.


  14. Pain Sucks™. It can keep us from all sorts of things. And getting over pain is draining as well. So even if we’ve been pain free after a long time with it, we can still be dragging. Healing takes a lot of energy. Sorry you’re feeling punky. :::hugs:::


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