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#SoCS – Independence


The last thing I put in my fridge: my son’s heart medication.

Since he turned twenty, Alex has decided he wants to be more independent. Which, of course, makes sense for a twenty-year-old.

He’s been washing my dishes, and he’s kinda getting good at it. I only have to re-wash half of them. He’s been getting his own tube feeds ready, and he’s even been making my coffee at night so I can just come downstairs and turn it on in the morning. It’s quite lovely, actually.

But he also wants to draw his own meds up into the syringes, and I won’t let him. Which makes him disappointed.

Because the fact is, he has not much aptitude for measurements. I watched him make my coffee tonight, insisted on being there, and sure enough, he lost count on his way to four scoops. He insisted that since he lost count, he should start again–without taking out what he’d already put in. I might have ended up with coffee I could stand my spoon up in.

Do I trust he’ll do the same with his heart medication? Absolutely. His independence is an overdose waiting to happen.

So if I come back online one of these mornings with my hair standing on end, it might just be the supercharged java.

Seriously thinking about getting a safe for my fridge, though. To put his heart meds in.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

11 thoughts on “#SoCS – Independence

  1. Oh a tough situation, Linda! A balance act between giving him independence and keeping him safe! Another mini fridge coming in?

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  2. Oh my! I am glad he doesn’t do his own meds. I had to laugh at the amount of coffee he put in the cup though! You’ll really be hopping around like a live wire from all that! Lol!

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  3. I’m glad Alex wants to be more independent and that he has a great mom to keep him safe. Maybe the coffee measurement issues was a teaching moment. Yeah, a mini fridge in the bedroom sounds like a good idea. Take care!


  4. That’s very scary. But a safe sounds a good idea .💜💜

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  5. Thanks for sharing. I am sure he will learn in time. Our best wishes to him.

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  6. You OD’d on coffee, I think we could handle. His meds are another matter. Good mom.

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  7. Maybe a mini fridge in your bedroom with his meds. Scary times for sure.

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  8. So tough, Linda. You want to build his independence, but you need him to be safe, too. I understand your plight 🤗

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  9. Yeah, a safe might just do it! Yikes! Espresso?

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  10. Oh Linda. That’s so scary ❤️

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