Life in progress


188. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, March 7th, 4:00pm
Terry and Shannon


Shannon: C’mon!

Terry: Nope, it’s a surprise.

Shannon: Can’t you at least tell me how much you won before we get there?

Terry: Nope.

Shannon: It must be a lot if we’ve gotta go all the way to the city.

Terry: Yep.

Shannon: So … you’ll be able to get your Internet back. Is it enough for a new computer?

Terry: Maybe.

Shannon: A vacation?

Terry: Maybe.

Shannon: A new house?

Terry: Nah.

Shannon: Oh c’mon, Ter. How much did you win?

Terry: Okay, fine. After I cash in my ticket, I’m getting a flight to visit a girl in London.

Shannon: A … girl?

Terry: (smiles) Yeah.

Shannon: Is she … a girlfriend?

Terry: I hope so.

Shannon stands up.

Terry: Where are you going?

Shannon: Back home.

Terry: W–w–why?

Shannon: If you can’t figure it out now, you never will.


Next stop: Thursday, March 8th, 6:00pm

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