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172. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, February 19th, 8:00am
Michael (and DeeDee)


Michael sits at the window, reading. DeeDee takes the seat beside him.

DeeDee: (clears throat) Excuse me, sir?

Michael: I’m reading.

DeeDee: (shifts nervously in the seat) I’d like to interrupt you, if I may.

Michael: (looks up for the first time and does a double take) What for?

DeeDee: I’m sorry, but I’d like to ask you to help me. I’m doing a project for college, and I need to interview someone on the bus.

Michael: (smiles and closes his book on his lap) I’d be pleased to help out.

DeeDee: (exhales deeply) Thank you!

Michael observes her as she bends to pull a notepad out of her back pack.

DeeDee: (holds up finger) I’m almost ready.

Michael: Take your time.

DeeDee: Here we go. (straightens and holds a banana up to her mouth) First question: What would you say is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the bus? (moves the banana in Michael’s direction)

Michael: (hesitates) You’re … joking, right?

DeeDee: (brings the banana back) About what? (moves the banana out)

Michael: You’re interviewing me with a banana.

DeeDee: (brings the banana back) No I’m not. (holds up notepad) It’s a notepad.

Michael shakes his head and goes back to reading.


Next stop: Tuesday, February 20th, 4:00pm

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171. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, February 18th, 11:00am
MoJo and JoJo


MoJo: I tell ya, man, I’m really getting sick of winter.

JoJo: Me too, man. You betcha.

MoJo: We should seriously get a plane outta here.

JoJo: We should! Def!

MoJo: Where should we go?

JoJo: As far south as we can possibly get, man.

MoJo: Def.

JoJo: Like, the south pole, man.

MoJo: Whoa. Really? We can do that?

JoJo: Why not? I’ll get right on it. Soon as we get home!

MoJo: Cool, man! Let’s do it!

They high five each other.

JoJo: South pole, here we come!

MoJo: Book it!


Next stop: Monday, February 19th, 8:00am

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170. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, February 17th, 8:00pm
Edward and Lily


Edward: … so she threatened me with a stake.

Lily: No way!

Edward: Yes way!

Lily: I think we should get her before she gets us. She’s clearly dangerous.

Edward: What do you mean, “get her”?

Lily: You know, get her. Take her down. Down to the ground. Down INTO the ground, if you know what I mean.

Edward: No.

Lily: What do you mean, “no”?

Edward: You’ve got to stay away from her.

Lily: If you think I’m just going to sit by and wait for her to come along with a wooden stake, and…

Edward: I’ll take care of her. I’ll drain her and make her one of us. That’s what I’ll do.

Lily: But … I don’t want there to be another girl vampire. You’ve got me.

Edward: So?

Lily: So, you’ve got me!

Edward: You’re being irrational.

Lily: I’m being irrational? Edward, this girl might have friends. Next thing you know, they’ll be coming after us with torches and pitchforks!

Edward: You’re just jealous.

Lily: I’m … what? Me? Jealous? No way.

Edward: Yes way.

Lily:  (turns away, mumbling) You’re insane.


Next stop: Sunday, February 18th, 11:00am

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#SoCS – Story Updates

“His eyes glowed with the ferocity of the demon within.”

This could almost be the tagline for the second novel in my series. It seems I need something to warn people that it won’t be as tame as the first book–the one so many people said could have gone under the young adult (YA) tag. So there’s that.

In other writing news, I’ve decided to give my sexy short story to my existing pseudonym, so she’ll be making her debut soon. The way it looks now, the anthology will be free, so everyone who’s interested will be able to afford it. I, with my team of editors (Milly who’s doing the developmental editing, and Raine who’s proofreading–I’m copyediting), are working hard, also for free, to get this thing looking professional. It’s a labour of love, in more ways than one. I’m still hoping to get the aforementioned series novel out soon. I need more hours in a day. Maybe a cover reveal will get me off my butt for that. Yeah.

In the meantime, here’s the cover “reveal” (ahem) for the sexy book I’m editing and included in. As you can see, the target audience is more on the side of “her.”

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169. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Friday, February 16th, 6:00pm
Clint (and Anna)


Clint sits at the window. Anna takes the seat beside him.

Anna: Bus is busy today.

Clint: (drawing himself up straight) This ain’t busy.

Anna: It’s not?

Clint: Li’l missy, I seen busy buses, and this bus ain’t busy.

Anna: Huh.

Clint: Yep. I bin up an’ down this country on buses. I bin west to east an back ag’in. I bin …

Anna: … ridin’ the steel horse?

Clint: (lowers brow and stares into her eyes) You’re a li’l smarty pants, ain’t you missy.

Anna: Who me? Nah.

Clint adjusts himself and stares out the window into the distance.


Next stop: Saturday, February 17th, 8:00pm

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168. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, February 15th, 6:00pm
Andrea (and Lacey)


Andrea sits at the window. Lacey takes the seat beside her.

Andrea: Oh. My. God. Lace, you won’t believe what happened.

Lacey: Lay it on me.

Andrea: You know that guy, right? That, like, Edward guy?

Lacey: The one you’re …

Andrea: The one I’m in love with, right. Anyway, I saw him on yesterday. Right here on the bus. Can you believe it? And so we’re making a date with it being, like, Valentine’s, and everything is going great, and then, get this: I mentioned going out for a steak and he took off!

Lacey: No!

Andrea: He jumped right … out … the fuckin’ … window!

Lacey: No. Way.

Andrea: WAY! Can you imagine? He’s, like, so scared of me now, that he jumps out the window of a moving bus!

Lacey: It was moving?

Andrea: YES! You’d think a vampire would be able to handle a little steak, so, like, it’s gotta be me.

Lacey: Wait, what kind of stake?

Andrea: (eyes wide) NO!


Next stop: Friday, February 16th, 6:00pm

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167. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Wednesday, February 14th, 8:00pm
Edward (and Andrea)


Edward sits at the window. Andrea takes the seat beside him.

Andrea: THERE you are! I’ve been looking for you forever!

Edward: Who are you?

Andrea: (stares, open-mouthed) You … don’t remember me? I’m the one you were making out with on New Year’s. It was so … I can’t believe you don’t remember me! Look! (pulls down scarf to reveal her neck) You gave me this.

Edward: That certainly looks like mine.

Andrea: Who the fuck else’s would it be?

Edward: I am the only vampire around … Unless it was Lily.

Andrea: Lily? As in, like, a girl? EWWW! It was YOU! We made out! And you don’t remember!

Edward: Oh wait. I remember you now.

Andrea: (smiles) Well of course you do! Nobody forgets me. Especially guys I make out with. So, d’you want to, like, get together? It is Valentine’s Day after all.

Edward: I am kinda hungry. Wanna go for a bite?

Andrea: (giggles) Sure. I could go for some Italian.

Edward: (shakes his head vigorously) Too much garlic.

Andrea: What do you feel like?

Edward: Something bloody.

Andrea: Steak it is!


Next stop: Thursday, February 15th, 6:00pm

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