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Repeat after me – Wooohooo!

Ms. Sassy has almost reached her goal!!
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Sass and Sauce

When I had only just started blogging, and I had something like 30 followers,  I came across Wes’s blog – Nearly Wes. I loved it so so much and right then I decided to put this on my bucket list – “To garner 125 followers on WordPress”, because that was the number Wes was on. I’m pretty sure he’s moved waaaay ahead now, but the 125 has stuck with me and still remains my goal.

Today I realised I am just 25 followers away from getting a check on my bucket list. Yes, I have one hundred WordPress followers 🙂 Woohoo! Yippee! Yay!

And who knows I might wake up tomorrow and find 25 “New Follower” notifications. Fingers crossed so bad that they are now entangled 😛

PS: Another reason to say Yay – Just 9 days to go for my engagement partyyyy!

PPS: In case you need another…

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A Moment of Appreciation

Lisa is a fairly new blogger – she’s an amazing writer and a great photographer! I’m sure she’d love it if you went over and said hello. 🙂 Look around while you’re there – I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you see.
Thanks so much again for the mention, Lisa. It’s my pleasure to help. 🙂
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Lost in the Subway

I am new to blogging. Very new, as in 6 months new. I didn’t read a book on how to become a successful blogger because when I began, I wasn’t interested in monetizing the product. The purpose was to finally succumb to a driving desire to write. Encouraged by a couple of friends, I finally stripped bare and leapt off the cliff, arms aloft, screaming bloody murder the whole way down.But the water is warm and inviting. Turns out it’s crowded, too. An element I hadn’t expected but find welcoming and delightful. I’m sure I’ll hit some cold springs now and then, but I love it so far.

I want to take a moment to recognize two bloggers who have given a little of their time to help me. The first isLindaGHillfor helping me through my email issue, and the second is Dark Night Chroniclesfor the prompt…

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Here we go again.

She wrote, “I need some people to hold me accountable. I want to make it a goal to write something every day.” Can we help Brittney out with this? I think so. 🙂 Give her a visit and say hi!
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Box the Stars

I’m relatively sure that at some point in the past I told myself I wasn’t going to start a new blog. I was going to keep the one I was working on.

Clearly that went out the window.

I doubt many people will end up reading this, but for those who do, I need some people to hold me accountable. I want to make it a goal to write something every day. I don’t know what, and I don’t really care what, but something. Something about what I know. Something about whatever is going on. We’ll see how this goes.

Until then, this blog of course doesn’t have much of a theme. It’ll get there this time. I have some kind of faith. The amount is debatable, though.

If anyone wants to talk to me about anything, I’ll probably welcome the conversation.

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A Rose by Any Other Name…


It took me a long while to decide to use my real name on my blog, and a little while more before I really felt comfortable with it. To start with, this blog was about me “coming out” as a writer. You may think it silly to equate it to announcing one’s gender preference (granted its nowhere near as traumatic as all that) but in a way it was the same. I’d seen, after all, the way people looked at me when I told them I was writing a novel. The word “flake” might as well have been stamped on my cheek for all the lack of praise the confession got me. It seems if they can’t see the finished product, the product will in their mind never be finished.

So it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I signed up with WordPress using my own name. I was tentative – worried people I know would see my efforts and laugh. I still worry about that. But, having said that, I have gained a certain amount of confidence in myself. I started a Facebook page recently with the title “Linda G. Hill, Author” (you can find me here: Like me!!) and that felt weird particularly when it asked me if the person I was making the page for approved. I think I actually yelled at the screen, “It’s ME!”

I still think about blogging under a pseudonym, even now that I’ve been blogging consistently here with my real name for a year and nine months. There’s a freedom in not using your name; what stops me is not being able to see the point. I’m quite happy here this way. I feel relatively secure in that I don’t disclose my precise whereabouts; I post pictures of my children knowing that they can’t be identified by their surname. (It isn’t “Hill.”) I find it easier than trying to keep up a facade. I don’t need to be careful not to give myself away… and I’m so close to being ready to get published that I’m no longer shy about calling myself a novelist. You’ll get your proof, damnit!

I would say the majority of blogs I follow here are anonymous. I realise there are many reasons for wanting to remain that way. For those who don’t use their real names, have you ever been tempted? And for those who do, was it a difficult hurdle to get over? Please share your story.