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We Have a Winner! 2019-2020 SoCS Badge Edition

First, one last huge thank you to Pamela for our lovely, leafy badge of the past fourteen months!

SoCS badge by Pamela

Much appreciation, Pamela!

And now …

The race was close, the contestants neck-and-neck most of the day. It was a nail-biter, all right. Then, in the evening (my time) a few badges shot ahead. I gasped–who was going to win?

Yeah, I’m stalling.

Okay, counting down. Here we go.

Oh, wait. First, I should explain that there were two ties, one for 4th place, and one for 5th place. So last place is actually 8th.

So here we go.

For real.

In 8th place, we have Janet, with Rocktober! I loved your badge, but I’m afraid you were just ahead of your time with the symbolic stream of light. Best of luck next time!

In 7th place …

Keep in mind, these were all very close. Like, within one vote of each other!

In 7th place, Wendy, with Signpost!

Coming in 6th, we had Willow’s Waterfall!

Tied for 5th, Pensitivity, with Canoe, and Jill, with Flowers! They ran a close race all day.

In 4th place, we have another tie between Paula, with Pets, and Fandango, with Geese! Seems the animals stuck together this time around.

Now, for 3rd place …

By the way, if anyone wants to know exactly how many votes there were on which badge, I’ll be happy to e-mail you with a screenshot of the poll. Just contact me at

Where was I?

Oh yeah, third place.

The bronze medal goes to none other than JoAnna, with Babbling brook! Congratulations, JoAnna!

That brings us down to our first and second place contestants. Who could they be?

Should I write another post?

Nah, I’ve made you wait long enough.

The honour of second place goes to

Barbara, with Notebook! Congratulations on your silver medal-winning badge, Barbara!

Which means, our new 2019-2020 SoCS badge was designed by Shelley, with Drops of water!

Thank you so much, Shelley, for your beautiful design. And congratulations!!


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Last Chance to Vote

We’re down to the wire for choosing our new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge and it’s so close! It’s a race between three of the contestants with only one vote between each, but it’s still not too late for the other four to catch up.

Tell your friends! Send up a plane with a banner! And if you haven’t voted yet, vote here!:


We Have a Winner!

You, the voters, have chosen our new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge! For a while there it looked like I would have to make the final decision, but I was spared by a hair.

First, as promised (and so the winner’s badge doesn’t show up in the reader) here is the badge we have dutifully used for the past year. Since Doobster has departed for what I imagine are greener pastures and fresher air, I thought it would be a nice tribute to give everyone the opportunity to remember him with this:


an updated version with his name and the dates.

And so, on with the winner. Drum roll please…

The winner of this year’s badge contest is…


My Leaky Boat!

SoCS badge 2015

As I said, it was very close. There was only one vote between each of the top three:

In first was: My Leaky Boat with “Flowers,”
followed by Nearly Wes with “Sun Rays.”
In third was Owl Wonder with “Splash”
and then in close fourth was Irene Design with “Gems”
and bringing up the most honourable last place was Ever Changing with “Waterfall.”

Congratulations to all the entrants for a job well done and thank you to everyone who voted!