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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Keen

After he died and everyone around her was keening in grief, she was keen to keen, but she wasn’t really feeling it.


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Tuesday Smorgasbord

I was incensed to discover that none of the stores in the town I moved to sell the Lotus incense I love to have in my house. So for the last six years I’ve been tempted to order it straight from the manufacturer in India. It really is wonderful stuff. To, or not to? I think I just might.

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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Gage

I’d like to use a counter widget as a gage (not to be confused with a gauge) to keep myself honest in my attempt to write a new novel. Does anyone out there know of a good one? When I participate in NaNoWriMo, I rely heavily on the counter they provide.

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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Festoon

I hope you appreciate how far I had to go for this one:

It’s Fez, tuned.

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Tuesday Use It In a Sentence – Banish

If I ease myself away from the temptation to eat Hallowe’en candy, I can usually resist. If I banish the idea of eating it completely, the temptation becomes greater. Strange…

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#TuesdayUseItInASentence – abyssal

Steve wanted his diorama at the aquarium to look abyssal, so he built it dense and with little light. His clients complained it was too dark. Back to the drawing board, Steve.


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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Pride

The lion took pride in his pride. The zoo tried, and they tried until they finally pried him from his enclosure; he was just getting too old and they needed more young’uns.



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