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EDDD 28 – Frost Quakes


I read an article in the paper today about something known as “Frost Quakes,” or “cryoseism.”

Apparently they are caused by the sudden freezing of ground water below the earth’s surface, and they cause the earth to shake and can make very loud noises, much like that of a tree landing on one’s house.

Anyway, it explains why all of the ice from the tree branches is on the ground today. It didn’t melt off as it usually does. It came off as though it was shaken off, still solid.

Have you ever heard of such a phenomena? It’s a first for me!

Blog post of December 28th, in honour of Every Damn Day December. Check it out!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

19 thoughts on “EDDD 28 – Frost Quakes

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  3. Huh… new one for me too.


  4. An award for you (should you choose to accept it – won’t be upset if you don’t). Thanks for being part of my wordpress family. 🙂


  5. And that’s been added to the “Learn Something New Everyday” section.


  6. That’s a new one to me, but it sounds like something I should remember for future stories.


  7. No never heard of them but will be googling them! 😉


  8. I haven’t heard of it. There is probably truth to it but haven’t heard one. Would probably scare the bajeebers out of me. lol And no, I don’t know what the bejeebers in me is. Good name though.


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