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How can we all be more creative? How can we be inspired?

I came across this really great Youtube video today. It’s John Cleese, talking about where our creativity comes from and, not surprisingly, humour.

I can’t stress how fantastic this video is. If you’ve ever been stuck on what to write and how to go about finding the tools within yourself to spark your creativity, you MUST watch this.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Reblogged this on J.D. Gallagher and commented:
    This is a great post and a brilliant video by John Cleese on the subject of creativity. Well worth a watch.


  2. I loved this video…getting into a playful mood…being in an open mode…being curious…relax it will come…setting boundaries of space and time…tolerate discomfort and give yourself maximum pondering time…while you’re being creative nothing is wrong…humor is an essential part of creativity to solve problems no matter how serious they may be.
    36 minutes well worth spending:)
    Thanks for posting this.


  3. My place of employment needs to realize this. I go into meetings and throw ideas around. Most of them I’m snickering while suggesting. Meanwhile, each and every idea is given a “no.” No real discussion, it’s just shot down as not going to work. Throwing around the ideas that won’t work usually leads to a unique idea which will work.


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  5. Reblogged this on First Night Design and commented:
    Fascinating talk by John Cleese about creativity. It is not a talent he says. Watch and learn. And laugh. Well, you wouldn’t expect Cleese not to include a joke or two!


  6. 36 minutes, ah! Okay I have to bookmark this to come back to when I’m cooking or cleaning!


  7. John Cleese is really good and very good to inspire us.


  8. John Cleese he is just amazing!


  9. Oh, I’ll have to check this out at home. Thanks!


  10. Everything about John Cleese is wonderful- and this clip just reinforces that.


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