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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Twice


If I could live my life again – if I could go back to when I was younger to redo the things I’ve done in the past, I wonder which ones I’d skip and what I’d do twice.

I know I wouldn’t drink all that tequila I did that one night when I was in my twenties – the time I wanted to die and get it over with the next day. And I wouldn’t say to myself, Sure, I can handle going over this jump without my feet in the stirrups! What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll fall off the horse! Little did I know I’d somehow land on the ground before the horse did. Can you say squash? Luckily it was only my ankle.

I’d probably go with my gut the second time around and call off the first wedding the night before I was to get married. But then I’d never have met some of the people I did. And I’d never have adopted the greatest dog that ever lived. George, the St. Bernard.

So what WOULD I do twice? I’d definitely fall in love. That has to be one of the most wonderful things of all. And I’d travel again, especially to Japan. I would laugh at all the same things over again, and I’d race like a daredevil down the side of the highway on horseback. I’d go up in a hot air balloon again. …oh wait, I’ve already done that twice. And I’d take so many of the chances I took the first time around.

But if there was one thing I’d do twice, it’s have my babies. All three of them. …but not at the same time so it wouldn’t be one thing, it would be three. I’d do those three things twice.

What would you do twice, if you had a chance?

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

12 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Twice

  1. Well, most things worth doing twice are worth doing thrice…so I don’t want to roll the dice, I just do them again if they’re nice 🙂


  2. I too would travel — on a side note, I love knowing you enjoyed visiting Japan. I want to go there so badly! Great post and prompt.


  3. I would definitely do my European adventure again. I’d probably do it more often in another life! There was also a Christmas that I really got to spoil my parents. That has to be high point of my life. Definitely would do that one again if I could. Many moments I can think of, but that’s probably top of my list.


  4. I would have my lovely boys, I can’t change anything as you say change one thing you might loose a whole load of good people and things! xxxx


  5. I’ve been sitting here thinking. I can only imagine what I’d undo. Things I want to do again, I do again, or I plan to. So I’m gonna go with I wouldn’t let them turn Sassy in utero, because in hindsight, I know she’ll turn back, and also, I would have eloped.


  6. Thank you, Linda. Such a beautiful take on this week’s prompt. It had me wondering too. ❤️


  7. Do that Europe trip again all on my own.


  8. I think I’d celebrate my kids’ first birthday twice. Just to hug and smell that infant-to-toddler once again would be lovely. 🙂


  9. I would think twice before losing my temper and shooting off hurtful words at my loved ones. Great post Linda!


  10. I think we all look back and decide what to keep and what to drop menory wise. If I had a chance I would visit Paris twice, but only if my now departed friend still lived there.


    • Yeah, something like that crossed my mind as well. I saw a picture on facebook of a bench on a grassy hill, overlooking the sea, with a caption, “If you could spend two hours on this bench with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?” and I immediately replied, my dad.
      I think it should be allowed to wish to spend time with people who have passed before us. So Paris it is. Thanks, John. 🙂

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