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Blog Hop II – The Name Game


As if one Blog Hop wasn’t enough for members of Team Pepper, our gracious host, Mark Bialczak has given us a new challenge with another, unique Blog Hop game – The Name Game. 😀 I was nominated for this go-round by MeWhoAmI. Thank you my dear!

Here Are the Rules:

1. Write a paragraph or two about somebody from an ordinary walk of life with an unordinary name. It can either be a true story about somebody you know with that name, or a fictional piece about somebody with a name you made up.

2. After you’re done posting your story, send me an email to with your Blog Hop II, your blog name and either TRUE STORY or MADE IT UP in the subject line.

3. Pick another Nano Poblano team member from the home page and tag them on their About page. Try to spread the wealth around from Fish of Gold’s original blog hop to start, but duplication is OK as the month rolls along.

4. The writing cutoff is Nov. 28. By the end of Nov. 29, email to me at a list with a guess of TRUE STORY or MADE UP for each post on the blog hop. Put Blog Hop II, Final Guesses in the subject line.

5. The Nano Poblano team member with the most correct answers wins a special prize, which I will mail to them. That means you will have to email me your address if you win.

6. Add your link to the chain of writers.

7. Have fun.

My Story: Linda

When I was in my early twenties I worked for the company that distributed Minwax Wood Stains in Canada. My job started out as data entry and later on, organizing travel arrangements for our sales reps across the country. While I was there I made friends with the receptionist – her name was Maria.

We went out occasionally for drinks on a Saturday night and, during one of the outings I had the pleasure of meeting her brother, Sam. He was extremely good-looking and well built and I admit, even though I had a boyfriend at the time, what with the effects of a couple of drinks in me, I flirted with him a little. It wasn’t until I saw Maria on Monday at work that she told me what Sam did for a living.

During the day he had a job as a copy-machine repairman. She said he made decent money, but he supplemented his income with a part-time job. On Tuesday and Thursday nights he was Saddle McFleshbomb, male stripper.

Who has contributed so far?


Silver Threading

The Chatter Blog


And me Linda G. Hill

Next in line, I call on Lucy at The Excessive Gardener!



Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

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  12. Hey Team Pepper! The Great Poblano is causing me some issues. I was wondering if anyone can help. Hot! Hot! Hot! (just kidding) Anyway, I’m not kidding about the pepper issue. My problem is that the pepper logo is showing up in the reader on mobile phones instead of my intended post picture. I think this only happens to some photos/pictures depending on the shape or size. It only happens in the reader on mobile devices. I don’t want to choose a “featured” image because this will ruin my intended effect elsewhere. Any ideas? Thanks!


    • I ended up just deleting the stickers for the problem post, although I think my “Happy Worm Day” post illustrates the issue. It’s probably pretty far back in the reader at this point, but you could search under the tag “worms.” In my experience, there aren’t many posts tagged worms or many emoji, a tragedy, really. 🐍


      • How did you get that emoji? It’s so cute!
        I commented on the first of your posts I found in my reader, which was, as you’ll see, is the “Happy Worm Day” post.
        I don’t know what else to suggest…


  13. Linda G. with a little moon swoon. Oh, wait, you were in a regular bar and I don’t know if your pithy little tale is true or not … I like it! Great name. Saddle up, ladies. 🙂


  14. You’re welcome! Glad you took up the challenge. That’s certainly a way to make an extra dollar, especially with a loaded name like that. 🙂


  15. I Love that name Saddle McFleshbomb!


  16. well deserved – congratulations!


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