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Nano Poblano – Day 8: A Pickled Pepper


It’s so tempting to drink and blog at times. Some of my best (at least I think so at the time) ideas come to me when I’m less than my regular sober self. But like with anything we humans do after a couple of ounces of alcohol, our bravado goes up as our inhibitions go down.

One of my most memorable (to me, then again I was drunk for all of my drunk posts–there aren’t many) less-than-with-it posts was this one. The lyricist/singer in the picture is known for his liberal drinking habits, though I’m not sure this particular photo wasn’t staged. But I think that tiny post pretty much says it all. Some of the best things that have been written are by well-known drunks.

So what’s the difference between, say, Hunter S. Thompson or F. Scott Fitzgerald and your average blogger? The time it takes to publish.

I need to remember that next time my finger hovers, swaying over the mouse as the cursor rests on that lovely blue button.

So now that I sound like a total alcoholic (which I’m not), I ask all the casual drinkers out there the question: should a pepper post before it’s pickled? Or is a peck of pickled posting perfectly proper?

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26 thoughts on “Nano Poblano – Day 8: A Pickled Pepper

  1. I have had a few online experiences when I was um, not quite sober. Posting didn’t seem to be the problem, but rather, my reactions to others. So, I might write a great post and then when people comment, I might be all, “OMG LINDA I LOVE YOU!” and start crying about how wonderful you are and how nice to me and how clever your writing, and then after the next comment, I might respond, “Anonymous, why are you so mean to me? Why do you even read me if you don’t understand me? Do you even read the whole thing?” and then I’d cry more. Alcohol makes me feel more feelings and disregard any sense of social skills.


    • Ha! Yeah, I always think I’m hilarious and then I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t agree with me. I say some really stupid things sometimes when I’m under the influence of happy juice. So yes, I try not to comment either. πŸ˜›

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  2. What a question… some of the best stuff I’ve written has been while pleasantly pickled, but so has some of the worst. Same thing with being sober. It begs the question: is there really any difference between those two states of mind?


  3. Look – wine and writing – just work.


  4. A drink or two is great for writing.
    A drink or two is bad for publishing.
    If I have a couple drinks before beginning to write, I have a hard and fast rule that I won’t hit that blue button until later … much later. Anyone who reads my ramblings would probably say that can’t be true, but it is, I swear it!


  5. I don’t drink anymore, but when I did I wrote a lot more poetry than I do now. I will have a glass of wine maybe two or three times a year, I am such a light-weight I get really tipsy on that one glass πŸ™‚ And I really liked that post you linked to but I didn’t recognize the guy.


  6. I actually recently read a study that claimed that having 1 to 2 drinks improved most subjects’ creativity while after 3+ it goes down haha. Good luck with NaNo!


  7. Drink, think, think, drink, think, drink. Tinkle. Tinkle. Do not post, Linda G! Comment, OK. πŸ™‚ Whole post, not so much. 😦 I had three beers at the Syracuse football game today, but that was a 12:30 p.m. start, almost eight hours ago, and here I am commenting on so many blogs …) Great post, by the way. I almost forgot to tell you!


  8. I think poetry is better written with a few glasses of wine. Otherwise I am a blithering idiot.


  9. Perfectly proper, petunia. *hic*


  10. Hahaha. I once aced an exam at university when I was accidentally three sheets to the wind. It was anthropology!


  11. I know I have been tempted to drink a few times over this blogging πŸ™‚ I do enjoy my wine and sometimes beer. πŸ™‚


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