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JusJoJan 6 – Say Anything


In the spirit of my prompt for these first ten days of January here on Just Jot It January, I decided to allow my mind wander along the thread of inspiration endowed upon me by this post by Opinionated Man on HarsH ReaLiTy.

My question for the day: when is it okay to say anything?

I once worked for a woman who owned a wool shop. It was an interesting job in that I was in a position to help people with their knitting and crocheting projects; this included aiding them in getting the right yarn for their pattern. While I worked hard to make sure they would meet with the maximum amount of success with their finished article, my boss would say anything to make a sale. Not happy with the colours the proper materials come in? Sure, that other one will work. No. It won’t, I used to think to myself. But how can you argue with the owner of a store in front of a customer? She did this knowing full well that in 99% of cases the customer wouldn’t come back and complain because they would think it was their fault for not doing something correctly. The patrons who would complain were knowledgeable enough not to buy the wrong product in the first place.

When I did say something to my unscrupulous boss, she brushed it off, insisting that the project the poor customer was about to embark upon, their hours and hours of work, would come out fine.

Honesty is one of the virtues I hold in highest importance. Bad sales practices are not confined to the retailers you might think they are. Keep your eyes open and do your research.

Just Jot It January is something anyone with a blog, a page, or a pencil can participate in. Do it today! It’s never too late to start!

JJJ 2015

Author: LindaGHill

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47 thoughts on “JusJoJan 6 – Say Anything

  1. Do you remember that old song by Billy Joel called ‘Honesty’? Was one of my favs as a kid – still resonates with me today. For some talking shit comes easily – for others – lying is an extremely painful experience. In fact – I am convinced that a lot of folk you lie with ease… do not even realise they are doing it?!
    Hope you well babes (honestly 😉 ) lifey life moving way too fast for all of us… and I am neglecting blog land… hey ho – don’t you know… back to watching tractors chug past me.. me past them I suppose! 😀


  2. funny my husband and me were talking about something similar yesterday. We both work for a supermarket in GB and most people working there just do not care of proper quality of the product they display or produce and both of us don’t do that. You don’t get lasting sales if you don’t care for the products or for your customers. Thanks for the post


  3. I despise dishonesty, especially in business practices!


  4. I still believe that “Honesty” is very important even in business. In the long run, your customers will trust you more and buy more. In that sense, I think it’s more important then sales. Kudos to you ! 🙂


    • It is more important, most definitely. People are more likely to tell their friends and family NOT to go into a store than to tell them to visit it, but they’ll take their friends and family to one they really like to shop in. 🙂 Thanks!

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  5. When I sold glasses we were urged to always up-sell, add on everything we could think of and then go for a second pair. I hated it. I hate it when its done to me. My sales weren’t great, but customers liked me. 😄


  6. And here I thought the biggest culprits were car salesmen. 🙂 (not all) Now, I’ll be on the look out for those in the wool business too. Sadly, many people are all about making a dollar. Honesty sales a lot more than lies do though. Earn a good reputation and the sales will follow.


  7. I would hate a situation where lies are being told and I’m not in a position to set them straight.


  8. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Never trust a woman that works with wool! -OM
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  9. I much prefer Honesty, I don’t much care for the unscrupulous types at all


  10. Love this Linda I agree with every single word. xxx


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