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JusJoJan 23 – The Shortest Jot


Never blog drunk; never blog angry.

Have you ever written something that you regretted enough to erase it from your blog?

JJJ 2015

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

25 thoughts on “JusJoJan 23 – The Shortest Jot

  1. As I’ve just started my blog crusades, I can say no, but as social media as a whole, I’ve learned well to take the “step away from the keyboard” motto seriously. So here’s to that!


    • That is an excellent quote: “step away from the keyboard.” I don’t know that blogging is worse than the trouble one can get into with only 140 characters – I suppose it depends on the individual talent. Or lack thereof. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. One angry rant I blogged, I do regret, though I was well within my rights to say what I did. But, yeah, I was way too angry. I should have cooled down first. I left it up and owned up to it, though, and amended it with an explanation. I figured if I took it down, people would make up what I said and embellish all to hell. A hater tried to do just that, but me leaving it up thwarted that heifer. Heh. That taught me not to post when I’m pissed unless I’ve slept on it…

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  3. I posted one evening after a very bad day at work. I think the post started with something like ” I’m in a very dark place when it comes to how I feel about nursing right now…”

    Two days later I went on an interview that went well. I drove home and thankfully had some recall of the verbiage of the post. I had never loved the edit button as much as I did that night!


  4. Yep, I may have but fortunately usually keep it as a draft…or maybe like Charles, I don’t remember. When I am in a lot of physical pain my muse may get carried away so writing in poetry form seems safer.


  5. Yes and yes and I have had to remove them!!


  6. Tipsy yes, angry no. I’ve deleted the post about my giantesse, as I think it generated too much traffic, perhaps stemming from the bikini-clad woman at the end.


  7. I don’t drink so that doesn’t apply to me. I have written posts when ill with a fever that I’ve had to edit the h— out of after the fever broke. I’ve written posts while angry. Those I’ve deleted while they were still drafts.


  8. Drunk not, angry, yes. And these were good posts as it came straight form the gut. I edited it a bit though to not offend anyone; and focused on the issue instead of the person.


    • It’s all about the editing though. When the heat of the moment causes us to hit the publish button hastily it often ends in disaster. Good that you allowed your cooler self to take over. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. “Never blog drunk, never blog angry.” That alone got me to read your post. I’ve never done that on my blog as I’m to obsessive compulsive with reading and re-reading everything I post but on Facebook, I’ll admit, I hane. The sting of reading my words with a calm, sober mind the next day has cured me, I hope, of that.


  10. No, I don’t think so. Once it’s published, it’s there to stay, for better or for worse.


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