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If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I occasionally have problems with my eyes. I’ve tried eating carrots – that worked for a while. I tried Lutein, same thing. I tried drinking more water, I watched my sugar intake, I went to the doctor and an optometrist… The dietary stuff worked for a while, the professionals had no idea. I got a very slightly different prescription from the eye doctor which I’ve never bothered to fill. Actually putting on my glasses helps, sometimes.

With all of these temporary solutions that seem to work when I expect them to, I’ve become convinced that it’s stress. Mind over matter. I’ll start a journal to see when I lose my eyesight the most (this morning was bad) but rather than concentrating on what I’m consuming, I’ll keep track of what I’m doing or have planned. At the moment I’ve got to look forward to having all the kids home for two weeks until school starts. On top of that, my mother is bored at the retirement home and wants to come over… where she’ll spend the day getting stressed over my youngest son Alex’s screaming and teasing her, which in turn stresses me out.

Yeah. Looking at it in (hazy) black and white makes it look all the more logical, don’t you agree?

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13 thoughts on “SoCS – All in my Head

  1. I’ve had plenty eye problems. I tried all that stuff which didn’t help. My eye doctor sent me to a specialist for my declining vision, and turned out I needed laser surgery to put pinholes in my iris’ to drain the fluid build up of excess pressure on the retina. If she wouldn’t have sent me, they said I would have been completely blind within a year. So go see a specialist! 🙂


  2. It’s worth trying anything that has no negative side-effects. I live a mostly stress-free life, but find that my ability to focus on the PC monitor (or anything else, for that matter) varies day by day. Yesterday was crystal clear, but today is a bit of a struggle. Same glasses, same monitor, same lighting.


  3. I’m imagining you taking a day just for you, to do what ever you want for fun and your eyesight getting better and at the very least, you will feel better. Here’s a song for you:


  4. Yes, I’m super stressed. So that’s why I can’t see.

    Hope it is only stress. Yeah, that sounds bad, but you get the idea. Hope it’s nothing more serious. Being blind is okay, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it either.


  5. Glad you got a post in! Wouldn’t do if the hostess missed her weekly SoCS!! Ahhh school///both a blessing and a curse…still the time without kids can be productive and welcomed. 🙂


  6. Stress can be a terrible thing, especially when it manifests in the body. I think my headaches are directly related to stress. My sister had a similar issue with arm pain and found acupuncture worked. Not sure if you’re into that or not. Haha. Everyone has an idea. Anyway, good luck. I hope you can figure something out. ❤️


  7. I agree unfortunately Linda that stress does work in mysterious ways, why your eyes? Who knows? At the moment I have a deafness that bothers me the result of a plane trip a few weeks back where my ear is blocked and wont unblock. Makes conversation difficult or easy depending on how you look at it…..I hope that soon your mind will stop stressing, so mind how you go….


  8. So, I guess if your theory is accurate, your eyesight will improve after the kids go back to school.


  9. Good luck Linda, excited to hear the results of your experiment.


  10. Hope you find out what is causing it and the vision gets better. I had lost the vision in one eye for several weeks with optic neuritis so I know it can be scary. Seems like it might be good to consult a specialist at a major medical center.


  11. I have the same vision problems. What gives me hope however, is that both my mom and my grandma got “old people’s eyes” in their 40’s but were completely cured by the time they were 60. I’ve heard this from other elders too, women who can read the fine print on a bottle of meds without glasses. Carrots, leafy green veggies, lutein, and cod liver oil are all supposed to be helpful. Even if they don’t work, they prevent wrinkles and are very good for your skin. So, if we have to be half blind at least can be healthy and looking good. 😉

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  12. My mom had something like that when she was a kid, though she was blind in one eye. So she would routinely lose her vision and no one knew exactly what was happening. Now I don’t know what changed but they had found that since the one eye was blind the seeing eye had significantly more stress put on it. That caused the blurry visions and the migraines. Not saying that is the case with you, just it’s what your stuff reminded me of. And watch out Linda tonight after i get home from work at 8 I’m doing SoCS and it’s replying to your google problem.


  13. Good idea Linda. Worth a try.


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