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Just Jot It January 8th – Honorable


I’ve been procrastinating long and hard on this post. It’s not that I don’t want to write it, it’s more that I want to get it right. But I want to get some sleep at some point tonight (I haven’t had a night off without kids since my last one in Japan, on November 29th) so here I am just writing it.

Honesty, honour (I managed to eke out one American spelling for the title; sorry Tasha, that’s the best I can do), and ethics, to me, are the most important qualities in a person. I’m no harder on anyone else on these points than I am on myself. I demand them of myself constantly. I come by it honestly enough.

The Golden Rule was drummed into me as a child to the extent that I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with it. Yes, it should be followed always, but it seems a no-brainer. While many people consider it a purely ethical teaching, I can see an equal amount of logic in it. Like Newton’s third law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction), “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” simply makes sense. I’ve begun to see it in action on a daily basis, now that I have a puppy in the house.

Alex is on a feeding pump at home for at least a few hours every day. The pump (which is like an IV pump) has a tube running through it which attaches to a valve in his stomach; it delivers his formula directly. There is about three feet of tubing between his belly and the machine, so if he walks away from the device, the tube sits on the floor. Alex is deathly afraid of the dog grabbing and pulling on the tube, so every time the pup comes near, he screams and pushes him away. The puppy, being a puppy, thinks this means he wants to wrestle. Which makes the situation so much worse than if he quietly held the dog at arm’s length until it got bored and walked away.

Golden Rule or Newton’s Law? Or both?

While my example doesn’t really have a lot to do with behaving ethically, honourably, or honestly, it’s a prime example of why we must react to and treat all humans and creatures as kindly as we can, with as much understanding as we are able to muster. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if puppies weren’t pushed away from enteral feeding devices? And we all just got along quietly and calmly?

The “Honorable” prompt is brought to you by Tasha at Corner Of Confessions. Please click on the link to visit her blog, and follow her if you aren’t already!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

49 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 8th – Honorable

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  3. I am thinking a lot about this rule lately. It is not a problem with those who I can agree with and who are nice. But what about those who’s actions I do not accept or who have hurt me. I would like to come to a place to be able to treat them as I want to be treated but I find it really hard. I hope Alex finds a way to calm down and trust the dog more. It might develop a “protection” attitude towards the tube πŸ™‚


    • I think the best you can do in regards to people who have hurt you, until you are able to make some semblance of peace with them or their actions, is to remain indifferent to them. They say ignoring something doesn’t make it go away, but sometimes it’s the best way to stay sane.
      Thanks for your good wishes for Alex and puppy. We’ll get there. πŸ™‚

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  7. My thought – the Golden Rule has limitations. I prefer “Do unto others as they want to be done unto.”

    Because, honestly, we are all different.

    I’m a hugger. Love hugs. But I have a very good friend who’s NOT INTO THEM – big letters there! I honor her by NOT hugging her, because what I really want to do is show her I care for her – and an unwanted and uncomfortable hug will do that less well than a “mental hug”.

    Over time, your puppy can probably learn to avoid that tube, and hopefully Alex can understand that his tube is safe. And then you can all relax at feeding time. Until then, though – would it be possible to wear Winston out before Alex eats, so that he’s much more likely to be asleep?


    • Ah, but in a way you are “doing unto” your friend as you would have her do unto you… you are respecting her wishes. πŸ™‚
      As for Alex and Winston, I’ve been trying to distract them both. It’s working a bit better every day. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your suggestion, Shan. πŸ™‚


  8. You bring up a difficult situation with a difficult character trait. Heavy stuff.


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  10. I completely agree with you Linda, but it is much harder to do than it should be. Sometimes you want to treat people how they are treating you, which usually has a pretty bad chain reaction. But the other way sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m the only one in the world who cares. Anyway, great post. I suppose it touched a nerve for me. πŸ˜‰


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  18. The Gold Rule is a no-brainer, so it’s unsettling just how often it gets neglected. People are all about themselves these days – others don’t matter unless they have something to give. It’s a sad world we live in. As for your son, I’d be afraid of the puppy too. Maybe there’s some sort of barrier you can place between the dog and Alex while he’s eating.

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    • Yes, the state of the world and society these days is distressing to say the least. All we can do is try to keep our own corners as pleasant as possible. πŸ™‚
      I’ve managed to find a way to keep Winston away from Alex when he’s feeding. Thanks for your suggestion – a small stool works when they won’t stay apart!


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  24. Communicating with a puppy is a true art form. 90% of what you do means “Ooh, Ooh she wants to play with me”


  25. Poor Alex and pup. Give it time. Soon the pup will curl up and sleep while Alex is having his feedings. I agree with you, the world would be a much better place if we all were conscious of what actions and intents we put out into the world.

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  26. I agree. Honour is very important to me too πŸ™‚


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  30. The Golden rule and Newton’s Third law are pretty much my religion. Pup or humans, we would all be in a better place if we followed these two. πŸ™‚


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