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Like, #SoCS


Can’t you just stop?!

That’s what I wanted to say to a teenager today as I walked past her. She was recounting some story or another to two of her friends and I swear, this is what her speech was like:

So he was like, “what?” like I don’t, like, know and it was like, “haven’t you ever like, liked someone before?” and he was like, “no,” and so I like…

and on and on it went. I seriously almost stopped to ask her if she could utter three sentences without saying the word “like” once. But I didn’t in case doing so caused her to have, like, a seizure or something.

It’s similar (see what I did there?) to listening to a hockey player give an interview.

And uh, I did my best out there, and uh, I think we played a great game, and uh…

Makes you wonder if they teach it in hockey school. Luckily they don’t hesitate to shoot the puck the way they pause between clauses.

And then there’s those who can’t seem to help dropping the f-bomb (I really hate that phrase – f-bomb) between every third and fourth word. Yeah, I won’t – don’t need to – write an example. Do I? Nah. We’ve all heard it. It can get very uncomfortable too, depending on who you’re with. Chances are there’s no point asking the f-‘ing person to stop – they’ll probably do it all the more because what are they doing it for in the first place other than to get attention?

I suppose we all have our speech patterns though. I think I see mine when I write, which makes me more aware of them. I catch my characters sounding like me… I wish they wouldn’t.

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67 thoughts on “Like, #SoCS

  1. Shades of the Valley Girl era…that never completely disappeared. BTW, Football players talk the same way as the hockey players. Drives me bonkers, even if it is a short trip.


  2. Most youngsters when asked to describe a good feeling will say “awesome” When asked to describe awesome they will say “like awesome you know.”


  3. The “like” thing drives me nuts too.


  4. I hate ‘like’ after every other word as well! My daughter calls me ‘lad’ and ‘bruv’ which annoys me as well!
    I am guilty of saying ‘you know’ a lot. I didn’t realise I did it, but now that it has been pointed out, I try my best to curb it!


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  6. Yes, we have the ‘like’ disease here in the UK as well. It drives me, like, crazy!

    I see my own tics, particularly in my writing. I wonder if they’re as obvious to others?


  7. My day job is in the consulting world and I just cringe every time someone starts a sentence with ‘so’. To me it translates into ‘I’ve listened to what you said and I’m going to discount it by what I’m going to say’


    • Yep, that’s usually what it means, though I say it a lot when I’m trying to understand what the other person is saying. And I am sooo guilty of saying it often. Thank you. I need to check my manuscript for the word “so.” πŸ˜€

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  8. I hope it’s ok that I pressed the ‘like’ button πŸ™‚

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  9. So true! In fact I had to stop my newly turned 8 year old from overusing the ‘like’ phrase…. It’s more of an American affliction, and she is watching way too much Disney!!!! It’s even said with an American accent!
    But the F-Bomb…. Yup that is one dropped in conversations around the world!!!


  10. Haha I can remember when I was growing up I used to say “you know?” a lot. One day my mom just says our od no where, “Will you stop saying you know after every sentence? Yes I know, if I didn’t I’d tell you”. I didn’t understand what she was talking about, I didn’t think I’d said ” you know” even once. Then I started paying attention and catching myself and I traded it for like πŸ˜‰


  11. Like, I know what you mean, cause I like, live with two tweens, and they like, talk all the time and they say like way more than I write it. Even, like, more than I click Like on WP posts. I say like plenty, but not like, ALL THE TIME.
    Also, like, have you noticed that everything is fucking BAE?!?!
    Sorry. I enjoy the fbombs, like whoa. πŸ˜›


  12. I totally like, like your thoughts!
    Now you have me wondering what bad habits I might have. πŸ˜‰


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  14. I like totally like your thing about talkin’ weird and stuff? And, you know, folks are always, you know, sayin’ stuff and never finishing their sen . . . .
    My characters sound an awful lot like me, too.


  15. Ah, this was a great post Linda.
    My brother and I were actually just discussing this very thing, last night. I swear.
    It’s a valley girl problem, gone to the extreme of today’s youth especially, but we’re all guilty, to some extent. I know I do say it, in there, from time to time, but it’s nowhere near as often as some young people, who are the next generation or more down from me.
    I often say” I’m just saying”. My brother responds with: “Oh, I know you’re just saying.”
    Ah, our speech patterns are as unique as we are, but we humans also can’t help copying each other’s patterns too.


  16. They are the same all over the world Linda, we have some who put an upward inflection on every sentence, sounds really weird i have to say.


  17. Yes, I hear ya! My oldest has a very bad habit of saying “thing” so many times in one sentence. You know? The thing had a thing and it went with that thing… Ugh! It’s not good at all. She has improved since I correct her all the time. 😁


  18. I’ve heard people use ‘like’ a lot, and it is so irritating! Here’s one I was hearing the other day at a fast food place. The clerk, at the end of taking an order, would say in a loud voice, “Will that be IT” over and over. Ugh! I wanted to go tell her that it would be better to ask if there is something else the customer wanted, such as, “Would you like a pie with that?” or just anything, to upsell the products. I don’t know, the way she was saying that, it sounded rude.


  19. Oh that’s my pet peeve. It’s like when they say it’s like and I like can’t stand it so then I like cover my ears and like….

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  20. I have a few clients who have no idea how much they are using the F word. Sometimes, in a group, I’ll make a hash mark on the white board each time they say it. Eventually some one will catch on and/or I’ll point it out to them: This is how many times you just said the F word. The heavy F -ers often aren’t aware of it, but some are.


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