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#SoCS – Not Pretty

I can count on both hands once the number of times I’ve been called “pretty” in my life. I just don’t have the face and the style for “pretty,” and I’m okay with that. I don’t like a lot of “pretty” things. My taste has always been tuned more to simplicity. My hairstyle and lack of makeup speak volumes.

I think being pretty smart makes up for a lot of what I lack in looks. I’d rather have intelligence than beauty anyway. Yes, it would be nice to open doors with just a smile, to quote the Eagles, but being able to reach out and open them myself has value.

I like to write pretty things. It’s like I live vicariously through my fiction. And I do. I have for some time now, especially the romance. Then again, there’s a certain romance to be had just sitting here on my laptop with a cat on one side and a dog on the other. I hope the dog doesn’t wake up and notice the cat is licking his bone. Oh, now he’s chewing it. I think he’s having an identity crisis. Dog’s eyes are open… and now they’re closed. I guess he doesn’t care.

Where was I before I started my play-by-play? Oh yeah, “pretty.” I’m supposed to take Alex to his teacher’s house today for a tea party. Alex has informed me that he wants me to dress up and look pretty. I told him I’ll try.

I hope this pretty horrid headache I’ve been battling all day so far goes away. Tylenol didn’t work – just took some Advil. Wish me luck.


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Okay, I need your help

This has the potential to be fun. I just had a nice man call me from Microsoft. He introduced himself as “James,” a lovely East Indian name to be sure, to let me know my computer is sometimes “not responsive” because of a serious problem with Windows. James can fix it for me, but I have to be in front of my computer.

I explained to him that, unfortunately, I don’t have any electricity right now (a blatant lie) but he said that’s no problem, he can call me back later and we can fix this thing! He confirmed his name, “Justin,” and said he’d call tonight.

SO! How can I have the most fun with “James Justin” tonight? Suggestions, please!!