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Sparks Flew


Well, that was exciting.

I arrived home at eight tonight and pulled into my driveway, as I do. It was raining, so I got ready to make a run for the house. I grabbed my bag, opened the driver’s door, put one foot out, and heard a loud bang. Followed by many other loud bangs.

Fireworks? I wondered. No. A transformer blew about five houses down the street from mine, on my side of the street.

It wasn’t happy enough to go off with a pop.


It crackled and sizzled and fizzed in all the colours of the rainbow, the sparks traveling up the wires to RIGHT BEHIND MY FRIGGIN’ CAR where I had, by then retreated with both feet, up and down and up and down for about a full minute before it finally fizzled out.

To say I was terrified and fascinated in equal measures is, well, pretty much the truth.

The extravaganza stopped at the transformer outside my house, so we have power. All my neighbours down the street aren’t so lucky.

I’ve seen a transformer blow before, but this was just … spectacularly horrifying!

I just wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a picture instead of sitting there peeing myself, wondering if I was going to make it the twenty feet to my front door.

Without being fried.

*doesn’t insert copyrighted image of Wile E. Coyote electrocuting himself



Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

24 thoughts on “Sparks Flew

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  2. Wow!!! That was pretty intense! I probably would have just huddled and watched it, too. Glad you’re okay!


  3. I think shock and awe are fitting to the situation. I’m so glad y’all, and your car, are okay.


  4. Picture would have been nice


  5. How scary. Glad you are okay and didn’t lose power.


  6. Ouch to the nervous system! ♥


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  8. Yikes! I’ve seen that happen, and you had every right to focus on your own safety.


  9. Glad you survived the electrifying moments!! 💜


  10. That was quite a elaborate display. I would have run away, don’t know where but far. Turns out you.7are safe


  11. Glad you are safe. We had one blow in our backyard when I was a kid. A definite memory maker. And yes, water makes it worse because electricity travels through water easily.


  12. Wow – glad you are okay


  13. Wow! That would have been a scary experience. I’ve heard transformers blow before, but I’ve never heard of such fireworks, even the rain. You’re just a special Canadian, eh? 😸


    • As Dan pointed out the other day, I see the strangest things. 😛
      I think the rain may have made it worse, actually. If that had been the transformer outside my house, which is on a pole that’s about fifteen feet from my back bumper when it’s parked in the driveway, I might still be cowering in the car. o_O


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