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Fried Tree


After my unexpected adventure with electricity last night, I couldn’t resist walking down the street to see what had caused the damage.

It looks like this branch fell on the wires in the rain, hit just the wrong spot, and shorted out the transformer, causing the unscheduled fireworks display I witnessed. Not much damage, right?

But look what it did to the poor tree!

I shall forever refer to you as sparky.

I couldn’t get a clear picture, but the burn mark goes up pretty high.

GAH!!! Electricity is dangerous!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

13 thoughts on “Fried Tree

  1. My current read (see what I did there?) is THE LAST DAYS OF NIGHT, about Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla and the electrification of America. The people who WORKED WITH electricity didn’t understand it much better than I do, so it could be amazingly dangerous.


  2. So sad when a tree gets damaged by man’s technology. 😳


  3. Electricity can be very dangerous. Years ago, during a windy rain storm a power line came down in my backyard. I went out back to inspect, at the same time as the neighbor behind us went into her yard. Between us, we agreed to call the power company. When the utility guys came, I got yelled at – big time – for going out into the back yard IN THE RAIN when a power line is down because I could have been electrocuted by just stepping onto the wet ground. I never did that again.


  4. There was electricity in the air
    When she embraced her lover
    In a fiery death.


  5. Dang. I’m glad it was good and wet up there!


  6. Electricity is indeed scary. The tree almost looks like lightening damage. Glad you were safe.


  7. That is scary. We had the big PG&E gas explosion in our city and that was horrifying. Glad you are all okay.


  8. Wow! That is pretty scary.


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