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#SoCS – Meanwhile …


I’m hiding out in the kitchen while Alex is on the computer in the living room. I’m not a mean mom, but he does like to keep me busy doing things when I’d rather be doing other things.

He likes to keep busy. I keep stressing to him that it’s okay to be lazy once in a while (because that’s when I get work of my own done), but I keep being undermined by one of his teachers (don’t know which one, or maybe it’s all of them) who keep telling him being lazy is a bad thing. Problem with Alex is it’s all or nothing. He doesn’t understand nuance and perspective.

Take the Grinch, for instance. Alex is convinced that he’s a mean one, full stop. So we probably won’t be going to that movie. He wants to see “The Nutcracker” today. And he wants to go to the mall, not only to buy birthday presents for his brother, but to spend his own birthday money too.

Meanwhile, Mom’s got a novel to write.

I was caught up on my NaNoWriMo word count as of yesterday, so that’s a bit of a relief.

Finishing up the first draft of Book 3 of “The Great Dagmaru” is proving to be tough. Not because I don’t know what to do with it, but because it’s so angsty. It’s going to be a tearjerker right to the end.

So when I went to start my NaNo project, I rebelled. It’s a romantic comedy. I had to get myself out of the mindset of dark.

I sincerely wish I could decide on a subgenre and stick with it. I may have to publish one under a pseudonym in order to keep my “brand” intact.

Having a brand and being a human being at the same time is difficult.

How boring would I be if I was only dark or light?

Yin and yang would be waaaay out of balance.

Not good for the psyche.

Well that went totally off the rails, didn’t it? Time for the mall…

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “#SoCS – Meanwhile …

  1. Hey Linda, I saw this post in Bookstore Cafe News today 🙂


  2. Isn’t that life? My husband and I both try our best to get work done on a Saturday when we are “free,” but it never happens. Each one believes the other has time he doesn’t have. I have to cook and clean floors. Nobody ever remembers that part of life. Meals are supposed to automatically appear while we do the things we think we must do.


  3. We never come here expecting to be bored.


  4. Seems like there are a couple of authors who write under two names for when they change their genres. The two I can think of immediately is J. K Rowlings and Nora Roberts.

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  5. Life just gets in the way of writing💜😉😉


  6. Wait. You’re working on your Book 3 AND a NaNo Romantic Comedy?! I’m impressed. I like romantic comedies. That brand thing can be so annoying. I mean, why do we have to limit ourselves? …… I can understand the negative connotation of lazy, but it’s okay to REST. RELAX. “MEDITATE.” I don’t think I was interested in that as a teen…. Oh, wait. This is not my SoCS post. 🙂


  7. Sometimes off the rails is the only way to go. I’m in the middle of a *very* lazy Saturday and it’s doing wonders for recharging. 😉


  8. I faced this same problem with genres, Linda. I decided to split the two profiles but to keep my name close so I have Roberta Eaton Cheadle for dark and Robbie Cheadle for light. I enjoyed your post.


  9. I don’t understand enough about brand. However I do think it’s very cool that a single person could see both dark and light.


  10. I get the whole brand thing, but I think I’d just publish all sorts under my one name… Jack of all trades etc… I’d better get one at least published though!!! 😂

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