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#SoCS & #JusJoJan Jot #5 – Sip


As I sip my morning coffee I wonder if maybe I’m a sap for thinking I could pull off a family supper tonight. Maybe I can find a sop to make it SEP.

Wow, that was a stretch. Bonus points to me! Thanks, Dan.

I had planned a family supper tonight but I don’t have any food yet. I had no idea that “sop” was a synonym for “bribe,” and of course if you clicked my link in the prompt, you’ll know “SEP” is an abbreviation in the urban dictionary for “somebody else’s problem.” Chances of making MY family dinner somebody else’s problem are pretty slim.

My eldest son, having developed an interest in cooking, has been making all our big meals of late, but he worked all night, so I assume he’s sleeping.

Our family supper was supposed to be on New Year’s Day, as it always is, but with Alex just freshly out of the hospital and still coughing, I didn’t want to take the chance that he’d pass something on to my mother who would take it back to her retirement home and thus make me responsible for an outbreak.

I’m terrified of doing this every time I bring her out. Because you never know what germs are lurking. You know, the sorts of germs that you pick up but you don’t know you’ve got until a cold settles in three days later.

It would be handy if we could get sick immediately after picking up a virus, wouldn’t it? It would help prevent the spread. But viruses are sneaky. They work with our bodies’ immune systems–take advantage of it for their own ends.

Okay, this post is going downhill, isn’t it?

Where did I start? Oh yeah. Coffee. Nectar of the gods. Time to pour another cup.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “#SoCS & #JusJoJan Jot #5 – Sip

  1. I’m thinking soup or spaghetti with lots of garlic to keep the undersirable elements away.


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  3. sorry your dinner wasn’t a success! Coffee though, yum!


  4. Good luck with the dinner. Hope it is a healthy one for all of you!


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  7. Great post. Made me chuckle but was glad you got everybody well enough to eat together. That is so important.


  8. My hubby is gone to visit his mom for a few days so I am alone and responsible for my own meals and I love it. I fix several in advance to have in the fridge and there are no problems. When he is around I feel like I have to feed him and it gets to be a pain since he is a picky eater. I love SEP and I’m gonna start using that one!


  9. Well done,Linda. I’m glad everyone is in good health for your meal. I hope it goes well. Enjoy this bonus points!


  10. Know what you mean about germs and passing them on.
    The last time we visited Mum (which was actually the one and only time in the home) MOH had offered to put us up for a few days so that we could break the journey. he had a stinking cold, so we went directly to see Mum, (9 hours) then on to see him. Yep. We got his bug three days later and it took over a month to shift. Thank god we didn’t take it to Mum.


  11. The opening, WOW. Dinner is my problem tonight, although The Mister bought the vittles, and I hit the drive-thru Panda last night, so I shan’t complain.
    Germs are terrible. Stupid germs. I am the person who goes around spraying Lysol and wiping everything down when someone gets sick. I catch freakin everything, stupid immune system. Stupid.
    Yeah, cuppa. Cept, I got up early and have moved on to cream soda 😛


  12. Your dinner will be just fine! I think dinners are an excuse to be with other. It’s a good excuse and one we should use often. Bon appetite!


  13. I was with you all the way with this one well done? Should your last word of the post started with an S instead of a C… 😉 Sup instead of cup 🤣🤣🤣 sending love and hoping Gordon Ramsay arrives in time to fix your meal 😉💜


  14. I used to worry about the same thing with my mom. It is scary how quickly a virus spreads in an assisted living environment. Hope your dinner turns out well!


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