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Undiscovered – #JusJoJan Jot #13


I love to explore, to discover the undiscovered. Whether it’s downtown Kingston, Ontario

or downtown Tokyo

I live to find out what’s around the next corner when I’m out and about, traveling. Unless, of course, I’ve been on a plane for thirteen hours and can’t find my hotel.

I suppose I’ve been lucky so far to not turn any corners that led to worse things than being hopelessly lost, alone, in the dark, in a country where any modicum of Japanese I possessed had fled my brain cells and been replaced by the need for sleep.

But lately, I’ve been coming across things that I’d rather stay undiscovered. For instance, I didn’t really want to know that my laptop couldn’t be fixed by Best Buy. Even if I’d wanted them to try, they couldn’t ship it to the place where they get them fixed, because the hinge won’t let us close it. And they wouldn’t ship it in the open position, even in a square box.  So I’m now on my brand new laptop that’s smaller and less-fancy, and has a power button right beside the delete button.

I was on the verge of bringing it back–can you imagine working on something for an hour just to turn off the computer by accident?–when I realized I could change what the button does in the settings. Now I can safely press it and nothing happens unless I hold it down for a few seconds. Because I seriously don’t want to discover the alternative.

And then there’s Alex, who came home from his dad’s today sick again. I’ll try to get him an appointment with his doctor tomorrow, but I fear we’re going to end up back at the emergency again. Maybe even tonight. I just hope it’s not a new bout of pneumonia. He has a cardiologist appointment next week, too. And though I know it’s better to know sooner rather than later how soon he’ll need heart surgery again, I’m not looking forward to knowing.

On that miserable note, if you want to read a happier story, click the link under “can’t find my hotel” above. It’s a good one.

The prompt word, “undiscovered,” for today’s post is brought to you by Teresa! Thanks, Teresa! To find her “undiscovered” post, click here.

It’s never too late to participate in Just Jot it January! Click the following link to find out how, and see all the other participants’ links in the comment section. It’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

4 thoughts on “Undiscovered – #JusJoJan Jot #13

  1. That is a big heaping helping of sad things! I admire your courage in searching for your hotel. I believe I would have ended up camping out under a bridge and crying myself to sleep!


  2. I’m sorry they couldn’t fix the laptop. You might try looking for a small independent place. Good luck with the new one and much more good luck to Alex. I hope he bounces back quickly.


  3. i’m sorry about the laptop and the one you’re dealing with now. hope alex rallies soon –


  4. Hope all works out well.

    I would hate that laptop. I have a cheap HP Stream laptop that is pushing my patience lately, but what can one do lol


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