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Cathartic – #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #27


I’ve spent most of the day contemplating, trying to figure out what I do that is cathartic. What helps me purge my negative emotions. And really, I could come up with nothing.

So my next question for myself was how am I coping? Why am I not going off the deep end?

And my answer was that I am generally happy. Content, despite all the stressors in my life. It’s testament to the fact that I don’t set the bar very high when I consider myself happy that my kids are alive and safe. Are they all healthy? Not by a long shot. Do they have everything they want? No. But they generally have a lot to smile about nonetheless.

There’s still all the stress to deal with, but that I do with my little escapes. Writing fiction, plunging headfirst into my editing jobs, taking a walk, and colouring easily help at least give me a break from my worries.

And I suppose when it’s all at its worst, my writing, even when I’m not writing about myself, can indirectly help me to spit out on a page what I’m feeling inside. We can’t, as writers, effectively express emotions we haven’t felt, whether they be joy or grief, well-being or pain.

On the other hand, maybe I’m just lying to myself and I’ll explode when I turn 60.

But at this very moment, I honestly believe I have it pretty good. All things considered.

The prompt word, “cathartic,” for today’s post is brought to you by Enthralling Journey! Thanks, Enthralling Journey! To find her “cathartic” post, click here. And say hi while you’re there!

It’s never too late to participate in Just Jot it January! Click the following link to find out how, and see all the other participants’ links in the comment section. It’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “Cathartic – #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #27

  1. I’m way past 60. Too tired to explode. Too pooped to pop. Just a nice little sizzle to keep me going. Anything you can jump into helps. I think.


  2. Oh great. Now you’ve given me something else to worry about. We can explode at 60? I’m 60. Is there something I should be watching out for? Crap. Is that ticking I hear? Well, if I explode at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m not the one who will have to clean it up.


  3. I promise you wont explode at 60. But there will be the day when you look back and go …Wow, I did all that. Good job.


  4. Way to keep the bar low. Teasing. Though I do think that realistic expectations aka keeping the bar low helps reduce stress. Sort of like “don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s ALL small stuff”. No exploding at 60 allowed!! 🙂


  5. Whatever it takes, whatever works, keep doing it!


  6. Nice to hear that you are mostly content. That’s what we all hope for.


  7. Writing is extremely cathartic even if one is not writing down ones feelings.


  8. Nothing better than writing for getting it all out there. Oh, the people I’ve murdered! On the page, of course. Cooking is good for the soul, too. And walking in the woods is prime, though the weather isn’t suitable for that, at the moment. Looking forward to mushroom season!

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  9. Good for you that you manage your stress.

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