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#SoCS – Cleaner


What a friggin’ day. I spent most of it working–worked at home in my usual spot on the couch, worked at the library, worked upstairs in my room where it’s boiling hot, worked back on the couch …

I meant to clean up a bit, but it didn’t happen. My son did do some laundry for me though, so I have freshly cleaned-and-dried-outside-on-the-line sheets on my bed. The place is slightly clean-er.

There’s nothing that gets my kitchen floor cleaner than dropping a glass and breaking it. I did that last night, and boy, was my floor sparkling this morning! … Come to think of it, that might mean I didn’t get all the glass …

Just kidding. Alex walks around in bare feet, and then there’s the animals. The floor is clean.

The point is I do do more cleaning when I absolutely have to. Half the time I do laundry when someone is out of underwear. Or the dishes when there’s something there’s none left of. Forks. I should have sixteen forks, but do you think I can find more than five at one time? NO! Forks have become my Tupperware lids. My other sock.

I suppose I should be grateful: if I had more forks, the dishes would pile up more.

I hate cleaning.

I really do.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

28 thoughts on “#SoCS – Cleaner

  1. Cleaning is not my favourite chore either! Especially in the heat.


  2. Mine is teaspoons and I also detest cleaning, but love a clean house.


  3. We have plenty of silverware and a dishwasher does the dishes so that’s not an issue. Mine is the kitchen and the bathroom floors. Toilet and sinks are easy but the floors are too far down – LOL


  4. Breaking stuff does get floors clean. When our daughter was still living with us, teaspoons were an endangered species. The set of silverware we bought “claimed” to include “8 Extra Spoons” but those guys jumped ship early on.


  5. It’s time for me to order replacement teaspoons. I think it’s the fourth time in 15 or so years. People do who knows what with them. The only piece I’ve never had to order is butter knives.
    I like to clean most stuff. It’s good for my anxiety. What I don’t like to clean gets dirtier and dirtier and causes me anxiety. Ceiling fans, top of fridge, pendant light – ugh.


  6. haha! Forks do like to go missing! 🙂


  7. You are not alone X💜💜xx


  8. You don’t see the dust after the first 2 years!

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  9. I hate cleaning, too, but somebody’s gotta do it. I just don’t want it to be me! On the other hand, I love washing and folding clothes and ironing.


  10. Your not alone! Cleaning is not my favourite thing to do either!


  11. Not sure many of us like cleaning.. And for me, it’s teaspoons that dissappear… Requiring regular washing!


  12. There is something about forks……


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