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#SoCS – The Pros and Cons of Everything

There are, arguably, pros and cons to just about everything, if not absolutely everything. It’s like a yin/yang sort of deal.

The biggest pros and cons I’ve had to deal with lately–meaning the ones I’ve had to deal with most often–are things like whether to get up at the crack of dawn to take Alex for a walk or get another hour of sleep. Walk pros=getting exercise while it’s not too humid to breathe, walk cons=sleep is good.

I do realize I’m writing this at 1:18am, so “sleep is good” and knowing what’s good for me are obviously on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think it’s going to rain in the morning though, so I should be able to sleep in.

(Photo: A recent photo of a crack-of-dawn walk – sunlight shining through the branches of a maple tree.)

Conundrum #2, the pros and cons of eating crackers vs ice cream. Cracker pros=better for me, cracker cons=they’re not as delicious as ice cream and they don’t relieve my heart burn.

But it all comes back to the exercise and what I can afford to eat.

Conclusion: food is life.

The most important set of pros and cons weighing on me at the moment–me and all the other parents in the world–are those surrounding school.

Pros for Alex=much-needed learning in a place where he can concentrate and be taught in his own language: ASL. And having him at school will mean I’ll have a break–the first since March 12th.

Cons=the risk, however slight, of catching Covid-19. With his heart condition, it’s too much to risk. Even though we’ve had one case in our area since May, when we had four cases. His classes normally have a capacity of five students, maximum. The country currently has fewer than 5,000 active cases. And it’s a big country. But all it takes is one person driving through …

I may be paranoid, but I don’t think I can bring myself to send him.

Such a tough decision.



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