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#SoCS – Rice Krispies

I buy those mini ten-packs of cereal every couple of weeks for us to munch on if we run out of food before my once-a-week shopping trip. My son Chris usually eats them, all but the Rice Krispies, so I have about 8 boxes of them in the cupboard. I suppose they’re not sweet enough for him. He loves his Rice Krispie Squares, though.

Why do they call them squares? They’re rectangular.

I loved the little boxes of cereal when I was a kid. I used to open them along the tear lines and open the waxed paper inside and pour milk in and eat the cereal right out of the box. Do they still have the lines in the boxes to do that?

I’ll go check. Be right back.

I’m back. And no, you can’t cut the box open along the lines anymore. I suppose you could still do it yourself, but who knows if the package inside is milk-proof?

I’d have to try it to find out. But I’m not hungry right now.

I’m counting down the number of spoonsful of green tea ice cream I have to eat before I can open the chocolate peanut butter one. I’d say I have maybe a dozen spoonsful left. That’s some major self-control right there.

Proud of me? I am. Almost as proud as I would be if I hadn’t bought it at all. But there you go. Pobody’s nerfect.

So now I’m wondering how old I have to be to remember eating cereal and milk right out of the box.

Probably ancient.



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