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#SoCS – A Brush with Good Health


It’s been a while since I last had a brush with good health. You know, one of those rare moments when nothing hurts? Anyone over 50? I’m talking to you.

My latest what-I’m-calling-stress-related ailment is tinnitus. As I sit here, it’s shrieking in my ears. Driving me to absolute distraction. I had it yesterday too. Today, I noticed it only when I thought of it, which kinda tells me that it’s likely all in my head.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s in my ears so obviously it’s all in my head.

But getting this post written was stressing me out, so it’s back … I understand, though, that the antacid meds the doctor gave me for heartburn could have caused it in the first place. Crazy, eh? So if you’re taking a new medication and you suddenly start to get tinnitus? Check out the side effects of the medication.

And that’s my PSA for the day.

No walk for us today. It’s been hot again and will be for the foreseeable future, and I didn’t wake up until 10am this morning. I must have needed the sleep. Surprisingly, I’m exhausted now. And it’s only 1:24am.

I must need more exercise.

Yep, I’m afraid I’m done for the night. Hope you’re having a good one.



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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

26 thoughts on “#SoCS – A Brush with Good Health

  1. loved your post and thought i would like to share a prayer with you. let me know if you’re fine to watch it on youtube and i will share the link with you. you will be blessed and i believe a miracle is just waiting to happen.


  2. Sorry to hear that Linda.. it is like a dripping tap it creates stress.. I hope it improves.


  3. Linda, feel better soon! ❤


  4. Tinnitus seems to be quite common amongst your followers. I also suffer but not that badly. It never really goes away but sometimes it just seems easier to cope with.


  5. Sleep well, so important and hard to achieve.


  6. I hate that you are dealing with that too, so many of us have it that I’ve started wondering if it can’t be attributed to something in our environments and not just all in our heads. I actually had an ENT suggest this. 😦
    I’ve suffered for years and even experience the anger that comes with dealing with it. I hope yours is temporary!!


    • Thanks, Kim. Sorry you’re afflicted with it too. Your comment made me wonder if it’s all the fans I’ve had on around me 24/7 for the last seven or eight weeks. If it is, maybe it’ll go away when the weather cools down.

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  7. I am sorry about the tinnitus. I have had that since my encounter a few years ago with sudden hearing loss. I find that music, even at a low volume (particularly with headphones on) either keeps it at bay or takes my mind off it. I even had a playlist that I listened to at work (WorkNoise) which offset the tinnitus but didn’t distract me from my work.

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  8. I have had tinnitus for 29 years. It started after a big car wreck. Right now it is like having a cicada in my head. It does change now and then and I have learned to live with it. I certainly hope yours goes away.

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  9. Hope the tinnitus gets better soon, Linda

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  10. Fortunately, I’ve never had this particular problem, Linda.

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  11. I am also sorry about the tinnitus as well it’s not good. Mind you your sentence “Today, I noticed it only when I thought of it, which kinda tells me that it’s likely all in my head.” Made me smile. Have asked about your gall bladder yet 💜. Stay safe and well.💜💜

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  12. My husband suffers from that too.

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  13. Sorry to hear about the tinnitus, it’s so unpleasant. I had that years ago during recurring attacks of a severe inner ear infection. Horrible. My hubby suffers from it sometimes too.


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