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#SoCS – Almost perfect

I had an appointment booked for yesterday morning. I booked it about two weeks ago.

Then last week, my daughter-in-law asked me if I could drive her to an appointment about an hour away on the same day – yesterday. At first I said I couldn’t, but then I asked what time her appointment was. It was late in the afternoon. So I said I could do it.

Then Alex started complaining of a toothache on Thursday night (the day before yesterday), so I said I’d call the dentist, knowing for sure I’d have to cancel an appointment if he could get in.

Yesterday morning at 9:00 I called the dentist. They had an appointment available smack dab in the middle of the other two.


I made it to three appointments yesterday with no problem.

… okay, so maybe it wasn’t complete perfection.

I didn’t make it home as early as I hoped I would because I had to wait for the sun to go down before I could drive. It would have been shining right in my eyes on the highway.

Because there was a perfect sunset.

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What Day Is It Anyway? Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

I’m writing this WDIIA post in hopes I’ll remember it’s Tuesday and therefore, tomorrow is Wednesday and I have to write a One-Liner Wednesday post before I go to bed tonight.

I could be writing and scheduling that post now, I guess…

But then where would I be? Probably confused again.

Let’s face it: it doesn’t take much.

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I was supposed to have taken Alex to a dentist appointment today in Ottawa, but I postponed it to March. First, because the clinic is in a hospital and I don’t want to go into a hospital right now unless I can’t help it, and second because I don’t want to have to stop anywhere on the way there and the way back. The drive is three hours one way. That’s if there aren’t any convoys slowing things down.

And don’t get me started on the convoys.

I used to work in the area they’re currently occupying. My bus stop was right outside the parliament buildings. It’s usually a nice place to visit …

Yeah, don’t get me started.

I need coffee.

Do you know what day it is?